Can Cat Eat Sour Cream? is it Safe for Them?

Can Cat Eat Sour Cream

Your cat has seen you in the kitchen cooking something with sour cream and licked little and left you wondering can cat eat sour cream? Is it safe for them?

The quick answer is – of course, cats can eat sour cream, but in moderation, that is too if your cat does not have diabetes. 

Can Cat Eat Sour Cream? Yes!

Excessive sour cream can cause your cat several health problems like diarrhoea, vomiting, etc. But, yes your cat can have a sour cream occasionally.

Try giving them in a small teaspoon amount to avoid critical circumstances. If your pet felt any of the subsequent, then you should immediately contact your vet and discuss about it.

Sour Cream: Are they safe for your cat?

One day you bought sour cream and unfortunately left it open, your cat someone managed to reach near to the tub of sour cream and had a lick, and now you worried because it is maybe indigestible to your cat.

Now let’s understand the technique and ingredients used in the preparation of the sour cream so you can have a better understanding wither it will harm your kitty or no.

Ok, so the main ingredient of sour cream is milk, there are two popular methods of making sour cream; firstly, the ancient way of preparing sour cream is by fermenting of skimmed milk at a modest temperature, and other is by adding acidic producing bacteria. 

So, now you know that the main ingredient of sour cream is milk, and it may harm your cat if given excessively.

Do Cats Have Allergies to Dairy Products?

First of all, don’t’ get confused with a dairy allergy and lactose intolerance in cats. They are different things but both related to milk production. In some cats yes, dairy allergies are quite often seen in cats, but not all cats have them. 

Some of the famous milk-based goods are butter, yoghurt, cheese and sour cream. These milk-based products are produced from the milk of mammals, and due to presence of lactose in that, thus, cats felt hard to digest them; as a result, cats experience health issues such as stomach upset, diarrhoea, vomiting, etc. 

These are commonly known as food allergies which are present in cats as well as in humans too. If it occurs in your cat, you should immediately contact your vet for the optimum solution.

What if Your Cat is Lactose Intolerance?

Cats are carnivore in nature and solely depend on meats. There is no thumb rule, but a cat should be avoided dairy products. In fact, the digestive system of your cat designed to process and digest meats but there are many other foods that a cat can digest without any trouble. 

But milk or dairy products are considered bad for cats because of the lactose in them. I don’t have I have to tell you that adult cats are lactose intolerance and it should be avoided given by their owners on a regular basis. 

But if you saw your cat licking sour cream, then there is no need to worry unless you see some symptoms of heal issue as described earlier. Sour cream is fine only in small quantity. 

Can My Cat Eat Sour Cream and Onion?

Despite having lactose in dairy products, cats love to eat them. However, the presence of lactose in a dairy product can cause several health issues with your cat, such as diarrhoea, teeth decay, etc.

Feeding sour cream in tiny teaspoon quantity is fine but remembers it is dairy-based food; you shouldn’t provide it quite often to your cats.

If you think if your cat can eat sour cream and onion, then the answer is straight no. Onions are measured toxic for cats as they breakdown the red blood cells of your cat along with garlic, kelp, chives etc. You should avoid feeling sour cream along with onions to your cat. 

However, the chips with onion flavour rarely have any original content and mostly prepared by artificial flavour. So, if your cat craving for sour cream and onion chips, you can let them have but not much.

What Are the Alternatives Treats for Sour Cream?

There are a bunch of alternatives to treat your cat, which will eventually help your cat and won’t leave you in guilt that it may harm them.

Whenever, you see your cat meow at you while you are enjoying your snack, you can quickly grab any of the given lists to share some love.

1. Banana

Banana can be a great alternative to sour cream. As you know, cats are carnivorous, and their diet is mostly meat rather than anything else.

But many times, it has been seen that cat love eating small chunks of banana when their owner give it to them.

Besides, banana contains high sugar which can cause health issues to your kitties like stomach upset, obesity, vomiting or diabetes.

Despite these, you can sometimes feed banana to your cat as a treat but not on a regular basis.

2. Apple

Cats also enjoy eating apples chopped in small pieces but should you give them? Of course, but in moderation and be careful with the seeds as it contains cyanide which is toxic and dangerous to cats. 

3. Cheese

Cheeses are another excellent alternative for sour cream, but you should keep it in moderation. Although they are a vast source of protein, it is not a part of their regular diet, so don’t feed them too often.

Initially, it would be best if you gave a small chunk of cheese to understand their behaviour toward it. If they like it they will eat it otherwise just ignores forcing it on your cat.

4. Meat

In simple, cats are born to digest meats and become stronger. Meats have high-quality protein to help the cat have good vision, heart, and healthy reproductive system and so on.

Try avoiding feeding raw meats at home as they used to eat in the wild; it could make your cat sick in a various way. Cooked chicken, beef, turkey, are a significant preference for your cat.

5. Eggs

Eggs are a type of food which both human, and animals cat enjoy. Cats can digest both raw and cooked eggs, but the boiled egg is preferable for a safe bet. 

It has powerhouse protein supply for your cat but avoids giving it raw to your cat as it may harm your cat. 

Summing Up!

As I describe in the article, they are in no means suitable for your cat, then why you want to feed them sour cream? It doesn’t provide any necessary nutrition to your cat while if fed regularly can cause health issue such as vomiting, diarrhoea and stomach pain, etc.

If someone your cat has managed to lick a few times then that’s ok! Don’t stress about few licks as if won’t cause any effect but please don’t add sour cream in your cat’s diet.

Happy Parenting!

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