Can Cats Drink Apple Juice? You Should Be Worried?

Can cats drink apple juice? well why not? Apples and cats don’t seem like a combo, isn’t it? Today, here we will talk about apples and cats, yes! Have you ever found your cat licking and apple juice bottle and freaked out?

We would normally if we had no idea about the facts. Hence, we have brought you some facts and answers to your questions, which are scientific and you as a responsible cat parent can have to follow thoroughly.

You might be thinking that apples contain sugar. Is it harmful to my cat or not. Or you might be worried about the apple allergies.

Maybe you are thinking about what will happen if you make your aged cat drink the apple juice. Anything your query is, we have tried to explain it to you in using scientific knowledge.

So, to know what researches have to say about cats, eating or drinking apple juice, scroll down and explore.

Can Cats Drink Apple Juice? Answered!

Can Cats Drink Apple Juice

A very normal question of all those apples lovers and cat owners. Cats can drink apple juice, don’t worry but there should be a limit.

You can provide a whole cup of it to your baby. It will make them sick and they might vomit. Carnivorous animals cannot process anything except meat.

Their system is built in such away. As we all know, cats are strictly carnivores, hence the apple with high sugar content is not digestible for a cat nor will it benefit it’s health to a large extent.

Apples contain antioxidants. Antioxidants are helpful for cats but only a small amount. While you are eating an apple in your breakfast, you will see your formal purring beside you.

Looking at you with their dreamy, mystical eyes asking for a little piece of Apple from you. Can you resist those dark blue eyes, with a silent meowing every time you look at them?

We don’t think so, even though we think you shouldn’t resist yourself from sharing your apple a little.

How to Feed Apples to Cats?

Obviously, we discussed how we can feed a very small portion of Apple, but the question is how?

It’s simple. While you are eating your breakfast, prepare a plate of apples for your fluffy. Cut one slice of Apple into several smaller pieces.

When you cut these apples into small pieces, you can feed them continuously while eating and they will also feel satisfied.

Also, if you’re fond of apple juice, we would suggest you give your cat only a little amount of juice.

If the juice is prepared at home, you may give him a little extra but if it’s packed juice, even if it says natural, they add preservatives that are harmful to cats if taken in plenty.

So, give you a cat the juice in tsp. 4-5 tsp is okay for a cat to consume apple juice.

What Happens if You Give Too Much Sugar?

Get gets excited to eat apples because the crunching sound makes them curious. Cats don’t have taste receptors, so the taste can’t be judged by them.

Hence, if you keep on giving them sugar enriched fruits, they will end up having diabetes. Even though you might say, the sugar in the apples is natural but still harmful.

It’s easy to diagnose if your cat has diabetes or not. There are a few indications:

1. They will be going to the toilet frequently.

2. The thrust for water will increase. Frequent water consumption.

3. Anything they eat will tend to vomit it out.

4. Lethargy is one of the first signs you will notice if your cat has diabetes.

We all believe and know cats are lazy and like to lie down, but you will see the difference between being their nature lazy and diabetes lazy.

Remember: giving apple juice to your cat regularly is not very healthy. One in a while is considerate.

Don’t overfeed them with apples. You might give apples to them, alternatively but in very little quantity.

How Harmful is Apple Juice for Older Cat?

Are you worried if your cat can drink apple juice or eat apples? should know this. Apple juice or rather apples contain a large amount of sugar which may harm your cat.

If you continue to feed your cats apple juice they can develop some health issues in their older ages like arthritis, diabetes, etc.

If your cat is older then you should avoid giving them apples or even a slice of apple as it contains sugar and it might cause health issues.

Cats should always consume protein-rich food. That is why they are meant to eat flesh. But apples consist of carbs.

Hence, carbs are not suitable for your cat’s health and you should not give any type of carbohydrate to your cats.

But if If your cat eats dry-packed foods, it is essential to provide them sufficient water to keep the body hydrated.

You can provide them with some apple juice instead of water but not frequently or every day.

There is one thing to make sure of, Apple allergies. Cats are not always prone to allergies, but sometimes they might have allergies from apple juice.

Allergies can give rise to your cat not being able to breathe properly. Indigestion can be a serious issue followed by farting and vomiting if it’s the worst.

If these symptoms are visible, stop giving your cat, Apple juice, and consult a doctor immediately.

Few Important Notes

1. After Apple consumption or apple juice consumption, make sure to brush your cat’s teeth. The sugar will be harmful to their teeth.

2. Give your cat only the apple flesh. The skin and seeds are very harmful. The seeds contain cyanide. The leaves of twigs are harmful too for your cat.

3. If you have options to give your cats some fiber, apples are best. Apple juice won’t be of any use.

4. Always remember to cut appeal into smaller pieces as mentioned earlier. Very small and make them chewable.

What Happens if Your Cat Swallows Apple Seeds?

What Happens if Your Cat Swallows Apple Seeds

If your cat mistakenly swallows the apple seeds, that can be a very critical condition. The apple seeds, leaves, and the branch consist of cyanide.

That is a poison which can even lead to death. The immediate results of cyanide consumption will be:

  • Pupils will be dialed.
  • Gums will start turning red, immediately
  • Uncontrollable vomiting
  • Shortage of breath

If you see these signs, take your cat to the vet immediately or drive to the nearest animal clinic.

The correct treatment at the right time will definitely save your baby.

Can Cats Eat Citrus Fruits?

No, citrus fruits are very much harmful to cats. Citrus fruits include oranges, lemons, etc are harmful.

But there are many fruits available in the market that are suitable for your little kitty. But if you want to give your cat a bite of apples you can too.

Apples, when fed in the right amount, are not harmful and can be fed to cats. Do feed them only the apple flesh and not the skin or the seeds even by mistake.


Well, always remember, too much apple or apple juice is very harmful to your furball. You need to control your emotions while feeding them.

Too much of their food and lesser activities will make them obese which will increase the chances of various other health issues.

Already, older cats are prone to diabetes, arthritis, blindness, etc. If you give them high sugar content food they the ages of getting diabetes will increase.

Hence, be careful, stay safe, and keep your fluffy safe too. Before taking any steps on your own, pay a visit to the vet clinic.

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