Can Cats Eat French Fries? Should You Give Them?

Can Cats Eat French Fries

French fries, the lovely, super tasty, mouth-watering, tiny little golden fried potato sticks that will just make you mad for eating them.

It is so delicious that you may want to share your French fries with your loving cat too.

Or, you also may want to give your cat a tasty treat with French fries for any reason. But can cats eat French fries?

French Fries are not poisonous for cats but also not recommended, as it contains a high amount of salt, seasoning, high calorie, and fat which is not digestible for your cats.

It is ok to serve occasionally and very a little portion but should not be a part of your cat’s diet. A cat’s stomach cannot digest them, and it may cause high blood pressure, heart problems, vomiting, and diarrhea.

It does not sound like a healthy option. So, let us check the facts first.

Can Cats Eat French Fries?

The answer sounds a bit unexpected, but, Yes, they can. Though cats can not digest them, they can still eat them.

The French Fries might not be healthy, but it does not mean that they would be toxic too. French Fries are not toxic food at all.

So eating once or twice will definitely not harm your cat’s health in the long term. So, if your cat had some accidentally, then no need to panic. IT WON’T KILL THEM.

Why Cats Should Not Eat French Fries?

There are multiple reasons that cats should not eat French fries. After all, French fries are junk foods and junk foods are not suitable for the human body too.

As a super caring and cautious pet owner, you will not give anything to your cat that is not even good for you.

French Fries are not digestive to the cats. So, the reasons are:

1. French Fries are Made of Potatoes.

Do you know that potatoes are hard for human stomachs to digest? It will be hard for them to digest too.

2. Too Much Salt

The other main ingredient is salt. It contains lots of salt. Excessive salt is not good and unhealthy for every animal, including cats.

3. Fried Potatoes

The French Fries are fried. Fried foods posses a risk to the health of any animal. Cats are also no exception to these.

4. High Calorie and Fat

It is a very high calorie and fat-containing food. It is tough to burn out such a tremendous amount of calories. Eating too high-calorie food containing fat is very unhealthy.

The carbohydrate and fats will not be digested by your cat. So better avoid it

5. Ketchup and Additional Seasoning

The French Fries come with ketchup and additional seasoning that makes it tastier and more unhealthy, and including more flavor to it means just adding more risk to your cat’s health.

6. The Mayonnaise

The mayo with the French Fries is the most significant risk to your cat’s health. If you consider giving French Fries once to your cat, exclude this from the menu. 

Are French Fries Toxic to cats?

It entirely depends on the condition of the French Fries, whether they are toxic or not. You may think that if cooked, well seasoned French Fries are unhealthy, you might think of giving the uncooked French Fries.

But raw and uncooked French Fries are very much toxic to the cats as it contains alkaloids. So, it is absolutely a bad idea to give uncooked French fries to your cat.

It is better to provide cooked French Fries to your cat, as they are not toxic at all.

French Fries Ingredients & Nutrition:

French Fries are soft and crispy deep-fried potato sticks. It is delicious too. It contains potatoes, salt, ketchup, mayo, other seasoning, carbohydrates, high-calorie intake, and fat.

It has such a vast amount of calories that it is tough to burn out. And the additional fat also makes it harder to burn out. If you are health-conscious, then you will avoid it yourself.

And mayo itself contains fat. Giving your cat all of these will make your cat unhealthy. A cat’s stomach can not digest all of them.

Can Kitten Eat French Fries?

It is a good question, and the answer is an absolute NO. When an adult cat cannot digest such foods, it is entirely not expected to think of feeding them to the small kittens who have a really much weaker digestion system than the adult ones.

The adult one can not digest the deep-fried potatoes with lots of salt, ketchup, mayo. And any food that can not be adequately digested does more harm.

When food is unhealthy and harmful to the adult cat, it will be nutritious to the baby and do less good and more damage to health. So please do not try to feed French Fries to your kitten.

Better not to think about it. If your kitten eats one or two accidentally, do take care of your kitten, as it may fall ill.

What Are Other Toxic Foods You Should Avoid?  

We humans eat lots of junk foods each day, but any kind of junk food is bad for the pets’ health.

Besides junk food, there are also lots of foods that are not harmful and nutritious in some cases to human health, must be avoided to feed your cat for the sake of its health.

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One of the significant such food is chocolate. Yes, it is not harmful to human health; moreover, it’s beneficial to our health in some conditions.

But cats can not digest the chocolate. As a result, your cat may end up having a high temperature, nausea, and vomiting. So you must avoid it to feed your cat.

Garlic and Onion

The second food is garlic and onion. Garlic and onions are super essential to human health. Vegetarian or non-vegetarian, garlic and onion are necessary to all.

But for the cats? It is entirely “no.” Feeding even a minimal amount of onion and garlic will make your cat fall ill seriously.

It can start vomiting immediately, feel nausea, feel pain in the abdomen, and cause diarrhea. So better just put garlic and onions outside your cat’s diet.


The next food is bread. Bread may the most nutritious and leading food we, the humans, live on, but for the cats? No way. It is absolutely unhealthy to digest for the cats.

It can cause them many problems, including vomiting. As the Onions and garlic are not for the cat’s stomach, cooked meat is also unhealthy to them.

Dairy Products

Milk may be the cat’s favorite and most preferable food, but cheese and other dairy products are just strictly not digestive for the cat.

Cheese and other dairy products contain a high protein and fat level, which makes very high calorie. The more the calorie, the harder to burn out. But what about coconut milk? read it here


Hence, from the details, you can see that you should definitely not treat your cat with French Fries. You may once in your cat’s lifetime, can feed your cat a tiny amount of French Fry, but not more than that.

French fries have no nutritional value. And worse is if fries are covered with extra flavor such as garlic or ketchup sauce, Onions, which can be dangerous for cats.

So you can understand very well that you should not even think about feeding French Fries to your kitten.

Though you can feed French Fries once, ad as a result of it, your cat also falls in love with eats pet as you do, and makes lovable gestures to ask for more, please do not melt your heart with such cuteness, and be strict by not giving it anymore.

You may feel bad for the instance, but it is suitable for the long term, so it is better to avoid giving it from the very first day. 

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