Can Cats See TV? – Is it Dangerous?

Can Cats See TV

Have you ever noticed that cats enjoy watching TV?

Yes, right?

Now, you might be wondering, what is the reason behind it?

Can cats see TV?

In short, yes, cats can see things on TV, but they are more likely to see it as a flickering or desaturated image.

Usually, the TV show playing on the screen processes at a 45 Hz rate while the brain of a cat works way much quicker and can process the image at 70 – 80Hz.

Besides, cat’s perception doesn’t work as our do; cats have a higher number of rods, allowing them to have superior vision at night but can only identify green, yellow and blue colors.

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Can Cats See TV?

Indeed they can!

But not the same as we do. 

A cat’s vision and perception don’t work the same way. Humans have more cones that help us identify colors better, while cats have a higher amount of rods, allowing a cat to have superior vision at night.

Usually, the TV shows images at 60 Hz, which makes us believe that it’s moving, but cat’s process images (at about 70 to 80 Hz), and their brain process it quicker, making it flicker in their eyes.

However, your cat may be looking at TV as a desaturated photograph, colors are still there, but some of them are desaturated.

Thus, when a cat watches their favorite TV show, they probably won’t be able to appreciate all the colors and shades.

Do Cats Enjoy Watching TV?

Yes, some do while others don’t; it depends on the nature of the cat and the environment they live.

For example, indoor cats may engage and watch TV more often than outdoor ones.

Initially, some cat may start watching TV with their owners, but gradually they might get engaged in some television programs.

The constant movement and changing color on the TV caught your cat’s attention, making them watch it for hours without even realizing it.

Besides, cats are outstanding in copying behavior; hence, they will likely repeat the same activity with you.

Is Watching TV Bad for Cats?

Not really!

Watching TV is not bad for cats unless they get to pounce on it out of curiosity.

Is Watching TV Bad for Cats

TV programs featuring fish, chicken, or pork can encourage them to pounce, but it could injure the kitty if the TV is mounted on a high wall or sits on a shelf.

Besides, if the TV falls from a high shelf or mount, it will get destroyed, and the repairing will cost your pocket.

In addition, if your cat is spending a lot of time on TV, he might need live interactive play. Watching too much TV isn’t suitable for cats, as it can damage your feline’s eye and hearing ability.

Thus, if your cat is getting addicted to TV, train and encourage them to play outside rather than sitting on a couch and watching TV.

And cats are natural hunter and tend to pounce on things that are moving. Thus, don’t let your cat watch TV without supervision. 

Do Cats Recognize TV Sound?

Certainly they can hear TV sound!

But, not sure if they recognize it or not, but I have seen cats react to the sound of the TV.

TV is a visual device, but we can’t deny the sound that enhances the viewer’s overall experience.

Cats have the ability to pinpoint the sound, so whenever something happens on TV, they are likely to get fascinated by the sound too.

Cats are natural hunter, and their hearing is designed to detect the location of prey. So, while your cat is watching TV, please keep a close watch on them in case they decide to pounce on the screen out of excitement.

What Do Cats Like To Watch On TV?

Well, it depends!

Some cats may show more interest in a particular program than others; it solely depends on the hunting personality of a cat.

What Do Cats Like To Watch On TV

Every cat is different, but you can find out which show stimulate your feline the most by closely observing their behavior.

The cats who are actively engaged in hunting will likely pay more attention to TV featuring animals on the screen.

Most likely, the footage of birds chirping, fish, rodents, and other animals and their noises will grab the attention of your feline friend.

Once you found out which program engages your cat the most, don’t afraid and let them watch it for some time but in your observation.

Cats can’t identify the difference between real animal and TV screen, making them pounce on the TV, which results in injuring your feline friend and the cost of the TV repairing bill.

Thus, try to distract your feline friend whenever you notice a movement, either by closing the TV or giving them a toy to play with.

Should I let My Cat Watch TV?

There is no harm in watching TV unless it’s getting addicted.

Usually, cats are not addicted to TV, but they might be mimicking you, and whenever you are sitting in front TV, they come to give you company.

And it could be a great way to keep your indoor cat entertain if she’s aren’t showing interest in toys such as mice & animal toys, wand, fish and balls.

Simply, put some animal program channel such as Animal Planet, The Aquarium or Discovery.

But your cat may get excited by watching birds chirping and fighting, mice running, or fish swimming in the water and may attempt to pounce and catch them, which can result in damaging the TV as well as injuring your feline friend,

However, you should limit the time; constantly watching the flickering image on TV can cause headache and damaging your cat’s eyes.

In addition, cats require a certain amount of physical exercise; otherwise, they are likely to develop health issues such as obesity, anxiousness, loss of appetite, and other heart-related issues.

And the high amount of lights coming out of the Television could disrupt your cats sleeping pattern, resulting in a mood swing.

Thus, TV is good but shouldn’t cross the limit to remain physically active and mentally healthy.

What Do Cat Watch on the TV?

Some cats like the design of the TV, while others will watch programs featuring animals intensely.

It also depends on the type of TV you have. For example, the newer TV has a higher refresh rate, creating an illusion of moving image.

And your feline friend can perceive images much faster than us, 

But old TV’s are different; they have a much slower refresh rate, and it probably similar to a series of flickering images to the eyes of your feline friend as they have a much higher perceive rate than humans.

The vision of a cat is similar to a person who is color blind. But cats have excellent depth perception, which can identify green, yellow and blue colors.

Though, some studies have indicated that cats can recognize the images by outlines, pattern and texture.

But still, cats don’t rely on the images they perceive but on the other senses such as hearing, smell and touch to understand the world better around them. 

Can I Use TV To Busy My Cat?

Yes, but only if they don’t pounce on the TV.

For indoor cats or those who mostly spend their time in the house, TV can be used to entertain and enrich if your feline shows interest in it.

Programs featuring animals such as rats, fish, birds or rodents are great for keeping your cat busy, and it also improves and enriches the brain.

Final Thoughts

Watching TV is ok, but in moderation, anything exceeding the limit can harm your feline friend.

And cats need interactive playtime. So, do spend some quality time with your little furball and purchasing remote toys and rodent toys can actually keep your cat away from TV for at least a few hours.

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