Can Dogs And Cats Mate? – Is Crossbreeding Possible?

Can Dogs And Cats Mate

It might be a silly question, but people often ask this to their vet, and now to Google. Dog and cat can’t mate together due to biological differences, but they can mate with other breeds in their species.

So, can dogs and cats mate?

In simple words, dogs and cats cannot mate or have babies together as they are from different species. 

Even if dog and cat mate, there will be no offspring as their chromosome doesn’t match; a dog has 39 pairs of chromosomes while a cat has only 19.

In this article, I will explain why dogs and cats can’t mate and have offspring together.

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Can Dogs And Cats Mate?

Not really!

First of all, dogs and cats are not likely to mate with each other.

Cats and dogs are very different from each other in every manner; they usually seem to be running from each other. In other words, they hate each other, and if not stopped, they sometimes hurt each other too.

But we have seen a cat and dog sitting together and eating their food peacefully, but this is only possible with proper training and overcoming the fear. Yet, this closeness doesn’t mean they are interested in mating; rather, it’s more likely to be a friendship.

However, male dogs that haven’t been neutered yet might have the urge to mount and to satisfy this urge; they usually try to mount in-house objects like furniture, cushions, and sofa. And some even try to mount other animals like cats.

Still, if a dog tries to mount a cat or vice versa, it will likely result in injuries for both parties. However, neutering can control this urge, while it won’t get completely wiped out but still manageable.

If you have bought your pet from a breeder, the chances are high that they have been already spayed or neutered. But, if you have adopted a stray cat or rescued them, then take them to your vet and ensure that they are sprayed on time to control this sexual behavior.

Can A Dog And Cat Mate And Have Babies?

Generally, dogs and cats are not likely to mate with each other, but even if they successfully mate, there is no chance of offspring.

They both are genetically diverse from each other. For example, dogs have 39 pairs of chromosomes, whereas cats have only 19. They are different species and unable to process possible offspring. They don’t even have the same shape or size reproduction tract.

Can A Dog And Cat Mate And Have Babies

Since they are so different in species, there is no chance to fertile together. Cats and dogs are genetically distinct from each other, and their sperm cannot fertilize each other ova, which means it’s nearly impossible to create a hybrid.

Can Dogs And Cat Make A Hybrid Species?

Usually, there is a significant biological gap between dogs and cat, which means even they physically mate, there would be no off spirit as they both are from different species. Basically, an offspring came from breeding a male and female of the same species, and their ancestor must be similar or interrelated.

To interbreed, cat and dog either should match or interrelated to each other from the time they have evolved. However, a different breed of cats and interbreed and vice versa is also possible. 

For example, Bengal cats are the result of interbreeding of domestic shorthairs with an Asian leopard cat; similarly, Pitsky is the result of mixed breeding of pitbull and a husky dog.

Thus, natural crossbreeding is impossible for several reasons, which means that even if a dog and cat find a way to mate, there will be no offspring resulting; no hybrid species.

 Why Do Dogs Try To Mate With Cats?

There is no doubt that dogs and cats can’t have babies together due to biological differences, but still, you might have seen a dog tries to mount a cat, or vice versa is also possible.

Why Do Dogs Try To Mate With Cats

Dogs often mount when they are stressed, over-excited or emotional. Usually, dogs mount to establish dominance, show aggression or as playing habits.

Usually, a dog doesn’t mount when someone is around them, but it could be embarrassing to see them in inappropriate gesture. 

If you notice your dog will mount inappropriately, distract them by pushing him off or isolating him for some time.

How to Prevent This Behavior?

While cats and dogs are biologically different, they usually don’t really come into each other’s contact.

However, dogs have the tendency to mount objects or other animals while playing, which can result in injuries for both of them. 

Whether it’s a dog that tries to mount your cat or conversely, make sure you observe this behavior and ensure that no one gets hurt while playing.

1. Neutering or Spraying – 

Dogs who are stressed and have abnormal sleeping pattern often try to mount objects and other animals, but you can control this embarrassing habit by spaying or neutering. It will not complexly eradicate this problem but somehow help the dog to manage their urge.

2. Distractions – 

If your dog often tries to mount objects of your cat, try distracting him.  

Whenever you notice the body language of mounting such as licking, pawing, running behind or panting, immediately detach your cat from the dog and keep them separate for some time or until the matter is resolved.

3. Keep Them Busy – 

Boredom or over-enthusiasm could be the reason why your dog tried to mount objects or the cat; try redirecting their energy into something else. For example, you can purchase an interactive toy or schedule their playtime with you.

The plan is simple, whenever your dog or cat is overexcited, engage them into something to divert their attention, so they don’t hump or mount objects or a cat. 

4. Keep Your Pet Indoor –

Indoor cats should go outside, but in observation, if you have an indoor cat and the stray dogs are trying to mate with her or attack her, it’s best if you keep them inside the house for their safety.

Even for indoor cats, if you have cat and dog both in the same house, it’s essential to have a safe place, especially for cats such as high shelves, small habitats or cat hollow core interior doors for them to escape whenever your cat feels threaded.

5. Seek Professional Help – 

Mounting often may relieve your dog’s stress, but it can lead to severe health complications for both. This could result in sickness, including injuries, UTIs, skin allergies and urinary incontinence. 

However, if you are unable to train your dog or cat to stop mounting, you should immediately seek professional help. 

The vet will diagnose and find the actual reason behind this behavior and redirect their energy and excitement to something more productive.

6. Socialize The Cats and Dogs –  

Whether your dog tries to mate with your cat or not, dogs and cats in the same house can be problematic without adequately trained. 

Usually, dogs that are overexcited or highly energized make life very difficult for cats living in the same home.

If you have one pet only, whether it’s a dog or cat, try understating their personality and behavior toward other animals.

Once you have identified the personality of your current pet, gradually introduce a net pet to him/her.

Don’t just leave both in the same room and expect them to sort out things. Instead, introduce them properly at the dining table, as it’s the most appropriate place for interaction between animals.

However, keep the interaction short, and keep an eye while they both are eating their food. Don’t just leave them alone, as they can get anxious and might hurt each other.

It might take a couple of weeks or even months to create a positive connection. Once they establish a bond between them, you can let them interact and play but still don’t leave them alone for a long time.

Final Thoughts

They usually try to mount cats as a sign of dominance, out of excitement or as a part of play, and the same goes for cats. Whatever the reason is, dog and cat can’t mate, and it’s biologically impossible to have offspring together.

However, it can be possible through genetic adaptation technique, but the hydride could have severe health disorder and limitations. Till then, you are free to imagine your perfect hybrid puppies or kittens.

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