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Fun Things To Do with Cats

Owning a cat is really fun. It becomes your primary duty to take care of your cat and make sure that they are healthy. Many people come up with reports like cats cannot be as fun as owning a dog.

Cats always love to live their own little world without paying much attention to anybody else. But, they love the attention to themselves all the time.

There are certain ways you can keep them active, and this article will tell you about a bunch of such fun things that can help you keep your furry friend relatively healthy and happy.

Always remember that owning cats can be challenging, but a little bit of patience can make things very easy. You just need to give enough time to them and make them understand that you love them and gain their trust.

Super Fun Things to Do with Cats

Every animal loves to be entertained as that keeps them active and thus healthy. One of the most common things they love is brushing their fur. They are definitely one of those creatures who love much attention.

Please treat them with their favorite snacks as that can make them have the urge to stay with you forever with the thought they will get the best treat from you whenever they are hungry.

You can make a DIY cat house for your little one as a small cozy spot enclosure can make them feel very safe and comfortable whenever they are tired and want to nap.

The present decade is all about social media. If you are a fan of Instagram and a cat lover at the same time, you must have come across various cat profiles, and some of them are really popular.

You can open one for your cat and let the world know about your cute little friend. People really enjoy this kind of stuff online.

Keep catnip toys at your home and let them go mad for a while with those toys, and let them remain busy. This is really a good idea to keep them active every day.

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What Do Cats Like To Do For Fun?

Funny Activities with your cats

Cats are real moody animals. They are smart, sentient, and always about ruling themselves. Cats have so many things to like, and a long list of things they do not like at the same time.

Things your cat may like include tasty food, toys, and long comfortable naps. But, you have to be very careful about the things your cats like as they can easily change their preferences. Always look for the changes your cat is going through.

Your cat might enjoy the feathery toys today and hate them the most the very next day. Keep them happy by grooming, scratching cat trees, or cuddling them.

21 Interesting Cat Activities

Certain fun things can quickly bring your cat closer to your heart. They will start loving you more and will definitely find you their best companion.

If you are entirely new, this one is definitely for you as you should learn to make your furry friends more comfortable in their new house. So, here is a list of 21 fun things to do with your cat.


Cats are excellent hunters, and they really love to chase mice or flies. If you visit any local pet store, you will easily find such toys that resemble mice or a fly, and you can use them to make your cats run after them.

This can actually be quite frustrating after a while for the cat but can really keep them active for some time.


Just like dogs, you can train your cats to walk on a leash. Things can be tiring initially, but they will get habituated after some days, and they will take the initiative to go out after they get habituated.

Playing Fetch

Kitten playing fetch

This is again something familiar for dogs, but if you apply the same tactics with your cat, you will see that fetching will be their favorite game. You can use small items like toy mice or small furry balls.

Brush Regularly

Cats always love to groom themselves and love to be groomed. You should always comb their fur on a regular basis to keep them clean enough. Cats really feel comfortable when they get groomed.

Make a Playground

You must have spare paper bags, boxes, and shelving. Use them to make a cute and small playground for your cat. This can be a real fun thing for your cat as they love to hide inboxes.

Bird Watch

Place a bowl outside your window with some water and grains that birds love to feed on. Let them come over and enjoy their meal.

You will see how your cat is showing its instincts to try to hunt them down. This is really fun for them as well as you.

Toilet Training

After all, cats are one of those animals who can be kept as pets, and so you can train them for doing various tasks, including training for the toilet, yes. It is very much like training your dog. It is not that hard, to be honest.

Cat ‘n Seek

cat playing hide and seek

This is really quite interesting and fun. You hide treats all around the house, and your cat will smell them, look around for them, find them out, and eat them. This makes them less passive.

Also, make sure you are not overdoing it as it might harm their health and fitness.

High Five

This is one of the most adorable things your cat could do. If you frequently pet your cats, they will not avoid any moment without petting.

If you suddenly move your hand away, they will give their paw showing that they need more petting. Thus, they will learn to put their paws for a high five.

Catnip Toys

Cats love toys, but the same thing might make them bored and annoyed. It is not always possible to buy new toys every other day. So, what can be the solution to it? Bring out one toy every time.

They will play with it for some days, and when you find them showing zero interest in it, bring out the other one and keep the old one away for a few days.

Keep a Scratching Mat

Sharpening their claws is one of the powerful instincts shown by cats. They even get immense joy from it. So keep a scratching mat or a cat tree for them.


It is already mentioned earlier that they love attention from their owners. Whenever you are free after a long day of work, give them your time and cuddle them.

This will efficiently develop the bond between you two, which will act as a stress buster to you.

Take them Out

You can take them with you to your work not only for walking but also for keeping them safe in a cat bag.

Place Wheatgrass

Place some pots of wheatgrass, and this will make your cats nibble. This will be quite an exciting thing. Just try it once.

Watch TV

Watch TV with your cats, especially animal documentaries or movies. This can make them more excited to watch those with much attention.


Your furry friend can be your travel companion. A strange place will make them stay close to you, but they will be pretty excited to face a change.

Give Family Time

Make your cats a normal part of every family event, be it a daily dinner or a house party. Let them get used to various circumstances, just like the members of the house.

Trim Claws

Cats love to sharpen their claws by rubbing and scratching them at various places and avoiding scratches on essential and delicate objects, always trim their nails. If you don’t know how to trim then you can read this article

But, this can be quite a tough job as they can get scared. Just be very careful not to break their skin.

Dress Up

Dress up your cat

There are various pet costumes available in stores. Buy a few and give your fluffy friend some trials. Go for a photo shoot. This can be really fun if your day is really boring.

Make a Tent

Take a piece of old cloth or an old t-shirt and make a tent for your cats. A small and cozy place will definitely attract them for a short nap or whenever they want to be alone for a while.

Use a Translator

Thanks to science for bringing such applications that can translate meows to words. Yes, believe it or not, there is such a thing, and most of the time, the translations end up being hilarious. So, this can be an easy time pass.

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Be the Best Cat Mom or Dad

These are ways you can make your life a lot better with your cats. Have faith in those tricks; they will have the best experience with you.

Hopefully, this piece has made things a lot easier for you if you think of owning a cat.

Follow most of these, if not all, and you can be the best cat person in the whole world.

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