How Long Can A Cat Go Without Eating? (How to Solve it?)

How Hong Can A Cat Go Without Eating

Well, not eating is a basic issue of every adorable living thing which includes your cats! There are times in your cat parenting life when you might have faced issues feeding your baby. 

You might be having a question in mind “How long can a cat go without eating?” 

Well, that depends. An average cat can survive up to 3 days without food and 2 days without water. 

It is very difficult to even for the experienced people to know the exact reason why your cat is not eating properly and the result is they turn losing weight.

Probable Reasons Why Your Cat is Not Eating

You recently discover that your cat is not properly eating and feels a loss of appetite. So, you are worried about how long can a cat go without eating?

1. Lose of Appetite

One of the first signs of your cats being sick is their loss of appetite. They will deny eating anything. There are various reasons that can lead to a cat with zero appetites.

The health issues generally include kidney disease, pancreatitis, ingestion of non-food material, urinary tract disease, and arthritis, cancer, dental disease, which can all hinder a cat from eating. 

2. Psychological Changes

If you have recently bought home a new baby cat or any other pet or you might have had babies, your cat will stop eating.

This will happen naturally for their psychological changes. Cats don’t like sharing their love and once you bring home another one, they can already see their love divided.

Any changes in their environment affect their behavior and their eating habits as well. If these are not the reason for your cat’s lost appetite, then it’s time to call the vet.

Let’s get detailed information about your furball lost appetite and when should you start worrying. 

How Long Can a Cat Go Without Eating? 

Cat not eating

Every living being experiences the same amount of changes in their body when deprived of food.

The changes and its effects are different from species to species but more or less every feline experiences similar changes in their body when deprived of food.

Like humans, cats and other animals have fats stored in their body that activates themselves when deprived of proper food and nutrition. Using similar techniques, the cat’s body will also use up the stored fat in their body. When they start using the stored body fat, your cat will start to lose weight. 

Generally, if your cat is refusing to eat food, it’s okay for 24 hours. If they are feeling emotionally challenged it can take up to 2 days or 48 hours to recover from the loss of appetite.

But after this period they will surely start taking food and hence, you don’t have to worry. But if they don’t start eating, it’s a sign of worry. 

What Happen if Your Cat Stops Eating?

If your cat doesn’t eat, the liver will stop functioning and it can cause liver failure.

The liver needs proper nutrition, which is protein. If starvation for a longer period occurs, and a serious incident like this will leave your pet’s life in danger.

24 hours to 48 hours is okay, you don’t need to worry about them but if they lose appetite for a longer period of saying a week or two, they will lose weight drastically and that will lead to severe health hazards.

One thing is very much too noticeable and needs immediate attention. Look if your furball is drinking water properly or not.

Their period of survival without food depends now solely on water. If they have stopped taking water, it will create a very serious health issue. 

Factors That Affect Survival

  • Age
  • Health
  • Genetic issues or damages 
  • Emotional state
  • Environment and surroundings

If your furball is older in age, it will not last long without food and water. Hence, it becomes necessary to take your baby to the vet immediately after your baby stops eating.

For younger cats, you can wait for a day until it starts eating again. If your furball has any generic issues it will not at all last longer. The genetic disorder will become life-threatening. 

What if Your Cat Stops Drinking Water?

What if Your Cat Stops Drinking Water

Water is the most important liquid in the whole world for your body to survive. A body can go on without food for days, but not without water.

Street cats can last a little longer without water or food in contrast with house cats.

If your kitty lacks the intake of water, it will worsen existing health conditions.

Cats can stop drinking water due to various reasons, recent vaccinations, urinary tract issues, kidney issues, diarrhea, limiting, motion sickness, and many other complications. 

What You Can Do As a Cat Parent?

If you are a cat parent and thinking that how long can a cat go without eating? because your cat recently started eating less or not eating at all then you can try these followings.

1. Try Changing the flavor

If you feed your cat canned food of. A particular flavor, when your baby stops eating, we would request you to change the flavor and see if your cat eats.

Eating a similar flavor for a longer period of time makes anyone sick of it. Hence, changing the flavor will help them regain their appetite.  

2. Try Another Texture of Food 

The texture of their recent food might not be suitable now. Change the texture of food.

For example, if you are giving your furball damp food, change it to dry. Alternative kinds of food textures help keep their interest in food intact. 

3. Prepare Homemade Food 

Once your furball stops eating, if you ate providing her/him canned food, change it to homemade food or vice versa.

Anything for a longer period is not acceptable. 

4. Choose a Different Shape

Your dry food has various shapes, if you are providing your princess/prince with a particular shape, we would suggest you change the shape.

Changing shapes sometimes help. This will make them eat if they have stopped eating. 

5. Feed Them with Your Hands

Sometimes a little extra care isn’t harmful. If your love is not eating for a longer period, feed them with your hands.

They might be dying for your attention. Sometimes when you bring home a new member, they get emotionally stressed.

If you show them that they haven’t lost their position and love because you brought a new friend home, they will start eating the next moment.

You just need to show your love sometimes. 

6. Heat Up the Food 

Canned foods are generally cold, hence, eating cold for a longer time can hamper their appetite. Therefore, heating up their canned food will help them eat. Heated food tasted better maybe! 

7. Vitamin B12 

Sometimes your baby won’t eat, and this might depress you but don’t worry, vitamin B12 is at your rescue.

This will help enhance your baby’s appetite and hence making them eat something. But before this please consult with your vet.

Summing Up!

If your furball is not eating, try these techniques for a few days, if he/she starts eating well and good, if not, visit your vet immediately.

Loss of appetite in animals needs immediate attention, otherwise, it can be fatal and life-threatening for your furballs.

That’s it, we think your query for “how long can a cat go without eating?” Was answered rightly! 

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