How Long Do Tabby Cats Live? – Expected Life Span of Tabby Cats

How Long Do Tabby Cats Live

We all are under the influence of being paired with another similar species to live our lives loneliness-free. Humans have a psychological system to live with someone or something which makes them happy and peaceful.

Most of us have different passions and hobbies to cope with the system. Humans have always been keen on having pets like dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc. Out of all the pets, cats are one of the most lovable and favorite pets of us. They complement human loneliness appreciably.

If you plan to buy a cat, along with the specific species and the breed, and if you are looking for a tabby cat, you also have to look at the life span of the tabby cat.

Also, to note that tabby is not the name of a breed but it is the stripes pattern which is named as tabby.

And when you decide to buy a tabby cat, it’s not any short term pleasure or leisure experience to spend time with.

It’s a bigger commitment than just buying a pet for yourself.

How Long Do Tabby Cats Live?

Generally, if we talk about how long do tabby cats live, then the answer is they live up to the age of 14 or 16 years if they are kept indoors as cats which roam outside have a greater risk of being treated by harsh conditions.

The cat who lived longest to date and create a history in the Guinness Book of World Record was Crème Puff. It lived from 1967 to 2005 and died 3 days before turning 38 years old.

The Life Span of Tabby cats

But the main question which arises here is how long do tabby cats live. So, a tabby cat is a cat that has dark brown or bold black stripes on its entire body.

Although these stripes don’t have to do anything with the life expectancy of the cats, still they can help to know the kind of heritage your cat has.

Factors Affecting Tabby Cat’s Age

1. Diet

If you have already owned or going to get a tabby cat for you, then make sure to keep its diet of utmost importance because tabby cats can live up to their teenage or even beyond that if they are healthier, well-fed, and properly treated or taken care of.

Also, they need to be free from any infection or disease to maintain a healthy and long life.

Hence, this is one of the most common but important factors for how long do tabby cats live.

2. Life Style And Habitation

Another factor that affects the question – How long do tabby cats live in their living style and habitation.

According to scientific researches, it is seen and proved that cats who live more inside the houses live longer than cats living and roaming mostly outdoors.

This is because cats who are set free outside are under so many dangerous circumstances like being prey to stray dogs and fast and furious vehicles or even ruthless people.

Even in worse conditions, considering your cat as a stray cat, anybody can also take it with him/her to home or any pet center and sell it for petty money.

On the other hand, cats who live indoors get better nourishment and are well-mannered and healthier which keeps them satisfied and happy which directly influences their life expectancy.

3. Gender and Different Breeds

Although we are talking generally about how long do tabby cats live, we can’t deny the fact that life expectancy also varies from male to female and also in terms of different breeds.

It is seen that in the tabby category, females live longer than male tabby cats. The organization of the body system and internal organs, the male tabby cat life expectancy depends on.

Why Tabby Cat Life Expectancy Declines?

The life expectancy of the tabby cats starts to decline when they, unfortunately, come in contact with extreme diseases. And to be precise, most tabby cat breeds are prone to health issues.

Some of the common health issues are –

1. Feline Urinary Tract Disease

This disease can occur in any breed of cats, also including the tabby cat’s breeds, and can affect about one cat out of every 20 cats.

2. Diabetes

Common in Burmese cats, but can also be seen in other cats. This ailment is much similar to that of Type II Diabetes Mellitus seen in humans.

3. Polycystic Kidney Disease

It is most common in the breed of Persians.

4. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

It is most common in Ragdolls and Maine Coons breeds.

5. Manx Syndrome –

This can severely impair the cat’s ability to have control over their body parts like their legs, bladder, and bowel and can harm their activities.

6. Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Genetically related to Abyssinians, Somalis, and Ocicat. This degenerative disease when occurs, cats gradually lose their sight as they get older.

If you take proper care and go for regular vaccination sessions for your cats then these diseases can surely be avoided. And this is another explanation as to why and how long do tabby cats live.

Cats Are Similar To Us in Terms of Health Issues

Cats resemble humans a lot when it comes to suffering health issues due to malnutrition or obesity. Make sure to feed your tabby cat only the pet cat food.

Not dog food or human foods to avoid obesity of your beloved tabby cat. Feed your tabby cat with lots of green vegetables, meat, fresh milk, fish, and stew.

Make sure that if you want your tabby cat to live a longer life, then feed it only the food made for the tabby cats.

Also, don’t let your tabby cat eat too much or overeat. This is the only answer to the question of how long fat tabby cats live.

Summing Up!

These are a few but important and noticeable things which you should surely keep in mind while buying any or tabby cat.

If you note these trivial things and note these changes while choosing a good breed for petting because it’s not just a pet but a tabby cat which will probably be with you for almost more than half of your life, and if taken care of properly, till to the moon and back!

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