How Long Does it Take For a Cat to Get Used to a New Home

How Long does it take for a Cat to Get Used to a New Home

A cat always obeys its habits, and hence it becomes pretty much used to its surroundings if it stays there for a very long period.

That is why an abrupt alteration of the living place can be very stressful and discomposing to a cat. It takes at least a few weeks to get habituated with a place you have moved to in recent times.

Hence, it is quite upsetting or even worse for your furry pal. So, this account will fill you up with some counsels if you are speculating about how long does it take for a cat to get used to a new home.

How Long Does it Take For a Cat to Get Used to a New Home Actually?

Getting very much used to having a new home is not similar for each and every cat. It completely depends on their experiences.

If a cat has gone through some trauma before, it can be very suspicious about the new place and resultantly take way longer to get adjusted with the new place than expected.

On the other hand, if the cat did not go through any hard time because of a human and has zero socializing problems, it easily gets adapted to the brand new living place within a week or two.

Also, there are some kitties who are really shy, not suspicious, but shy. They also take comparatively more time to be habituated with the new environment.

No need to worry as the following instructions will help you make your cat quite used to its new place within a few days, even if it is very unlikely to match the surroundings.

In case you see that the cat is not getting used to the place and continues to feel uncomfortable, growls, or try to hide, it must be a victim of a severe circumstance.

In such a scenario, contacting a specialist would be the best idea.

The First Interaction

Cats are all about maintaining a daily routine, so a little change can be very hard.

A newly adopted cat is always suspicious about its owner and always acts doubtful.

It is normal as they don’t know you in the first place, they do not have any idea what your intentions are; they will discover that the place is full of new smells.

These are the seemingly small things that make our furry friends feel quite uncomfortable. There are cases where cats are immediately used to the place, even if they are strangers to it.

However, it is not a very common sight. To make your cat comfortable as quickly as possible, make sure that you prepare everything for it.

You have to look for its arrival. You have to make your cat realize how important it is in your life. In the beginning, let it be alone for a few days. Leave your friend undisturbed with food and water.

Let it be comfier by itself. But, be sure that you keep a bowl of food, a bowl of water, and a clean litter box with sand.

Do not keep the sandbox close to the place of eating. Keep it as far as possible as hygiene is very important. Do not invade their personal bubble. Once it is ready, it will start exploring the place by itself without any hesitation.

They just need a bit of time, and you should always pay respect to that.

Flourishing a Sturdy Bond with the Family

A cat already starts to develop a connection with everybody in the family right from the day it comes home.

The very first person, the cat, is most likely to reach is the one who brings it home. Always go for carrying them in a pet carrier as they feel more comfortable in it.

Whereas, they feel very insecure if they are carried in hands.

Using a very kind tone to talk with your new furry little friend is very important as it helps it to build up trust.

It will take several sniffs around and might decide to stay away from you in the beginning. Do respect that. If it tries to stay away from you, let it do so.

Once it is calm, please sit down and reach close to its height and allow it to approach you when they desire to do so. Once they start to feel the comfort, please him with some tasty foods.

That makes them happy, and they understand that you are not harmful. It makes them think that their owner is here to offer them good things.

Once it is used to one family member, you can allow other members to introduce themselves in the same procedure.

Your cat will slowly get used to their scents and will have no problem with being with them.

Let Them Have Their Little Room

Once they start feeling secure, they will definitely start moving around the house and find a cozy place for themselves.

So, once you know about their favorite spot, keep the food and water in that area as that spot becomes very accessible to it. Also, do not forget to place the litter box away from the place it eats and drinks.

Cats always choose to sleep in a warm and cozy place. So, keep a bed for the cat in a warm place in the house.

It is most likely to choose that place to take a nap. Also, buy some toys and scratching poles for it as they are very playful most of the time.

Ensure that the cat can rest in a calm place but should never fail isolated or separated from the family.

It should get the chance and feel like having fun with everyone in the house.

Please Give it a Personal Space

A cat person is always aware of how moody they can be at times.

So, leave them to themselves if they are not in the mood of playing with you or getting cuddles from you.

Even we need to be alone at times, and it is no different for kitties.

Follow These Four Tips Strictly

You are living with an adult cat for a long time, and you decide to move house.

This is when you get various questions like how long it takes for a cat to get used to a new home or what you should do to make your cat comfortable with the new place.

You have gone through the tips.

They are not many, but they are very vital. So, what do you think about these? Are they quite difficult to put into the process?

A cat loves everything in a perfect way. So, never let them down. If you see that they are quite annoyed with you or feel very suspicious about their family, follow their moves, and understand what else they need.

Please provide them with the complete system. In case they are not ready to get comfy, connect with a specialist immediately as that might be any symptom of any illness.

Summing Up!

So, I hope you got a good grip on all the rules you have to follow. I wish you and your cute little fluffy snowball the best life together.

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