Why Do Cats Like Earwax? Interesting Facts About Cats

Why Do Cats Like Earwax

Cats are fascinating animals. Don’t you think that? If you are a cat lover, you must be knowing so many amazing facts about cats that it’s the oldest known pet existing for over 9500 years and that a cat was the mayor of Alaska town for 20 years! Amazing right?

You might have crossed another amazing fact that cats lick ears. It might sound a bit weird to you, but this is what the fact is. Cats lick ears because they like ear wax. Yes, cats eat it. But why do cats like earwax?

Cats are naturally attracted and pulled towards ear wax. We can simply say that they have kind of a thing for ear wax. It may be from human ears or the ears of any other animal.

As gross as it seems, it’s important and interesting to know why cats like earwax?

Why Do They Lick Ears?

As humans, we have a very wide range of tastes and smells, and we prefer a sweet smell of salty one to say that it’s good. Unlike humans, cats have different parameters of tastes and smells.

More than the salty or sweet tastes, their taste buds are made so that they always prefer nutrients over anything!

Digging into some facts, we humans are known to have 5 million odor-sensitive cells, whereas cats are believed to have over 200 million of them. Quite evident for the theory that cats live on very much heightened senses, a lot more than humans.

Their senses are also selective, enabling them to sense the nutrient-rich food over their normal taste and smells as categorized by humans.

There are so many strange behaviors of cats that we see around us. One of the weirdest is cars like earwax. Sometimes their walk resembles a giraffe or camel or sometimes their sleeping positions tell a lot about them. Cats also are very much sensitive to scents.

If you put a very strong scent near any cat, there is a lot of chance that they can’t stand it. Whether some of them can go nuts for your smells. Cats are kind of obsessed with the smell of their owners.

If you leave your clothes somewhere near it, there is a lot of chance that they might play or even sleep over it.

Their sense of belonging to their owners also answers the question, “Why do cats eat earwax?”.

The earwax, along with containing nutrients and proteins, as discussed above, also contains your scent. Once cats get familiar with your smell, they would be obsessed with it, and when it comes to ear wax, which already has some of its interests, how can we think they won’t get nuts for it?

Why Do Cats Like Earwax?

Earwax is believed to be something that keeps our ears safe and healthy. Human ears must produce wax. But we all would agree at one point that you might be thinking now also, ear wax is just gross.

It is so annoying to us humans that special Q-tips are used to remove it from our ears before it gets irritating.

Earwax is a coating inside the canal of our ear that stops dirt, dust, and dead cells from harming our ears. It even has the advantage of having it as it bears the power of killing several microorganisms before they enter the sensitive part of our ears.

So, however gross it might be, earwax is essential for us to protect our ears from damage.

The wax that the cats eat is mostly the extra wax that peeps out from our ears. When you insert your finger inside your ears, the wax that comes out of it. The human body mostly produces an extra amount of wax, which leads it to peep out of our ears.

It contains around 10 of the antimicrobial peptides already identified by scientists to be present in earwax.

Cats usually are pulled towards these kinds of proteins, which are also found as byproducts of beef, chicken, or fish. Since they are fed these things daily as you must be aware of how much cats like fishes, their obsession with earwax can also be related.

As they are used to consuming proteins daily, then why do they eat earwax again stands as a support for it. They mostly do not know which kind of protein they get from chicken, fish, etc. or earwax and cannot differentiate between them. But what attracts them is PROTEIN!

Other reasons why they lick ears other than them liking the ear wax are that cats are considered animals that groom each other and even you.

A cat licking another cat’s ears or a cat licking your ears is even a reason for their grooming preferences. Grooming is something that a cat learns from its kitten-days. It’s inherited sometimes that will come naturally to them, or sometimes they are taught by the mother cat.

Mother cats spend hours grooming their kittens unless they are sure about them knowing how to do the cleaning thing by themselves. So, this is why cats like earwax.

Why Do Cats Do This?

Well, this is now a fact-based on their community-building beliefs. Cats build community. Humans believe that cats are solitary creatures, but no, they are communal creatures.

They build communities based on their communal interests and grooming habits. It is believed that cats form their community very selectively. To be considered worthy of being a member of the cat community, cats groom each other and teach each other how to do it.

When cats groom one another, they are believed to leave their saliva over there as in the name of building their territories.

Earwax not only meets up to their nutrient needs but also fulfills their interests and obligations of building communities. So, what do cats like earwax?

Now that we have had enough discussions to establish the need for it, it is quite clear why they exactly do that.

Are cats interesting animals? Well, yes, they are! But what makes them interesting? Let’s know some more facts about them.

Some More Interesting Facts About Cats :

  • Cats are the sole mammals who don’t taste sweetness.
  • Cats are nearsighted, but their visual modality and night-sight are far better than that of humans.
  • Cats are imagined to have 18 toes (5 toes on each front paw; 4 toes on each back paw).
  • Cats can jump up to 6 times their length.
  • Cats have 230 bones, while humans only have 206.
  • Cats have an additional organ that enables them to taste scents on the air, which is why your cat stares at you together with her mouth open from time to time.
  • Cats have whiskers on the backs of their front legs, also.
  • Cats have nearly twice the number of neurons in their cortex as dogs.
  • Cats have the most important eyes relative to their head size of any mammal.

Well, if you’re a cat owner, this may facilitate you. If not, it’ll facilitate you to be one! Cats are really interesting.

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