Why Do Cats Like Shoes? Everything You Need To Know!

Why Do Cats Like Shoes

Ever notice that cats have a strange obsession with shoes? It could be for anything like lying on the shoes, sniffing them, or even licking them.

So, why do cats like shoes?

In short, cats like shoes for several reasons; it could be the smell of your shoes, comfort, or playful activity. Cats often rub their faces against things like shoes to mark their territory, 

There are some genuine reasons behind this fascinating behavior, and understand this can help you resolve further shoes-related issues that you might face in the future.

In this article, we will discuss a few reasons why cats like shoes and what you could do about it.

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Why Do Cats Like Shoes?

In the wild, the smell is a way to commutate, and the same goes here. Usually, when you wear shoes for a longer time, you leave your scent in them. 

The smells of shoes may be unpleasant to us, but it’s highly comforting for cats, and some cats may even like the salty taste of your sweat. The pheromones in human sweat work similar to catnip.

Besides, when you go outside, your shoe attracts various interesting smells for cats as they reveal many things about their owners, like where they have been and what they did the whole day.

Cats have special scent glands in their cheeks and forehead; when you back home and take off your shoes, you may notice that your cat is rubbing their face against them; it’s a process of reclaiming things and marking their territory.

Lastly, whenever your cat is not visible, you should find them in your shoes. Cats often hide inside shoes as they are made with soft leather, which is highly comfortable for your cats. 

Why Do Cats Like To Smell Shoes?

Cats have a very high sense of smell, and they usually associate things by their smells more than the vision; smelly things like shoes, socks, heels, t-shirts are their favorite.

Cats are small animals, and they see your feet most of the time either with shoes or without, which means they are familiar with your feet’ smell.

Since cats spend most of their time with their owners, they recognize their scent, and when you are not around, your cat may cuddle, hide or curl up with your shoes.

Why Does My Cat Lay on My Shoes?

Well, there is no definite answer to this question.

Cats often hide and relax in small things like boxes, a wardrobe, a closet, a shelf, or shoes. These are the most comfortable places for your cat to relax as most of them have their owner’s smell.  

Why Does My Cat Lay on My Shoes

You might not know, but cats are very much like us; they get stressed when you leave the house for work. So, whenever they get stressed or anxious for whatever reasons, they seek a familiar scene to comfort and relax themselves.

In addition, you may also notice your cat sometimes cuddles and hug your shoes even when you are around; it could be an indication that your feline friend might be sick or not feeling well.

In this case, give your cat attention and love; if this behavior continues, talk to your vet and take professional advice.

Why Do My Cats Rub Their Faces On My Shoes

Similarly, cats often lay on shoes to rub their cheek against the shoe to mark their territory. It’s a cat way to tell that this shoe belongs to their owner and now them. Whenever you go out, your shoe grabs several scenes of its surrounding or other animals. 

Thus, if you notice your cat is rubbing their cheek or lying on your shoes, it’s because they are replacing the foreign scent with theirs.

How to Stop Your Cat from Biting, Sniffing, and Scratching Your Shoes?

Well, if your cat is scratching, biting, and chewing your shoes, you may want to stop these behaviors to save your shoes.

Usually, they don’t bite or chew down the shoes; instead, they hide inside them for hours which is not good either. Cats are highly energic animals and require interacting play during the daytime to be energetic and healthy.

There are several ways to stop your cats like you can keep away your shoes somewhere where your cat cannot reach. Or by simply giving them some alternative options like toys, old clothes, or a playmate.

So, here are some simple tricks to prevent your cat from damaging your shoes.

Keep The Shoes Away

One of the easiest ways to prevent your cat from playing with shoes is to prevent your cat from having access to shoes. When you reach home, wrap your shoes in a plastic bag, store them in a secure play or keep them in a closet.

However, cats have a very good sense of smell, which means that they are likely to pounce on it if you store them in an open wardrobe or shelf. 

Also, cats are very good at climbing which means keeping them only at a high shelf is not enough; ensure you lock the door to prevent your cat from accessing or sniffing it.

Redirect Their Attention

If your cat has developed a habit of sitting near your shoes for hours and scratching, sniffing, and smelling them, then you must redirect their energy and interest to sometime else.

Cats, which are immensely attached to their owner, often scratch, sniff or hide inside their shoes. Try giving something alternative to your cat for smell, like your old t-shirt, but if they spend too much time with it, you must include interacting play to keep them active and healthy.

Playing with your little furball is the best thing you can give them, but often, people have a tight working schedule; in this case, try purchasing integrative toys for your cats like mice, balls, wand, and butterfly cat toys.

Sitting in a place for a longer period isn’t good for a wild animal like a cat; they can attract several diseases like obesity or loss of appetite.

Use Cat Repellents

If the above solution isn’t really working, you should try a cat repellent to prevent your cat from scratching your favoring shoes.

These repellents are usually made with natural, plant-based ingredients like jasmine, passionflower, and pheromones, which means it’s absolutely safe for your feline companion.

To prevent your cat from biting, hiding, or scratching your shoes, just spray it directly on your shoes or around the area, and once your cat gets the smell of the repellent, they will stay far away from it.

Why Do Cats Bite And Scratch Your Shoes?

Even notice when your catfight and scratch your doormat? If no, sad; you have missed one of the funniest aggressing behaviors.

Similarly, they will scratch your shoes to show aggression and interacting with things, and often it calms, stimulates, and gives comfort to your feline friend.

Why Do Cats Bite And Scratch Your Shoes

And when your cat is missing your scent, they might be sitting next to the shoe, scratch it, sniff it or even lick it to feel you around them.

However, if your cat has developed a habit of scratching and biting your shoes often, you may want to prevent this behavior as it can quickly damage your shoes.

Simply prevent access to your should by keeping them secure like on the top of a shelf, closet, inside a drawer, or even in a plastic bag.

Remember, cats are very intelligent animals and have the ability to jump almost everywhere. So, don’t make the mistake of leaving your shoes on an open shelf or something like that.

Why Does My Cat Cuddle With My Shoes

Cats have a very sharp nose, and their smelling sense is fourteen times better than ours. Usually, the smell coming from your shoes gives them intense pleasure, comfort, and relaxation, which why your cat often cuddles your shoes.

The size of the shoes is very convenient for your cat to hide, and the soft leather is comfortable for your cat’s skin which why you often find them cuddling your shoes or even sitting inside them.

The pheromones found in human sweat act like catnip to please your felines, and the salty taste of your sweat can entice the cats as they are different from the most available scents.

Final Thoughts

Biting, sniffing, smelling, and cuddling your shoes can signify affection, aggression, comfort, or playful activity, just like other behaviors.

While shoe seems common to us, cats think they are great comfortable hangout place for them. However, you shouldn’t yell or punish your cats for such behavior; they may be trying to communicate with you or just hang out with you, just be a little sporty, and have fun with the little furball.

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