Why Do Cats Meow Back At You? What Does It Means?

Why Do Cats Meow Back At You

Why and how do cats meow?

Humans have a psychological system to live with someone or something which makes them happy and peaceful. Most of us have different passions and hobbies to cope with the system.

Humans have always been keen on having pets like dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc. Out of all the pets, cats are one of the most lovable and favorite pets of us. They complement human loneliness appreciably.

We pet cats to further our miscommunications with others. But what about cat’s loneliness?

How Do Cats Communicate With Us?

Even though humans can accompany cats, cats are animals and they don’t talk, still, they have their way of communicating with other animals and humans.

Cats mostly purr, blink, wink their eyes, rub themselves to their masters to show their fun-loving, tamed, joyful nature or mostly they meow. But have you wondered why do cats meow back at you?

Well, you’re reading the right piece to know the reasons behind this cause. Keep reading to know the complete cause and reason for a cat’s meow.

We, humans, have multi-millions of words to communicate with each other but cats are blessed with a single word ‘MEOW’ with so many variations of voice tones to express their different feelings. Cats convey so many things and feelings with a single monologue – meow. Here are several reasons for the above.

Reasons: Why Do Cats Meow Back At You

1. When They’re Hurt

When cats feel excessive pain, irritation, grief, or physical disturbances, they tend to meow continuously for quite a long time indicating something wrong is happening or they’re not well.

If ever any cat owner or master hears his/her cat awe in pain or to be precise, meow in pain for long, they should immediately take the cat to the nearest veterinarian and have a check-up.

If ignored, these abnormal meows can be a symptom of something bigger than you can’t even imagine.

2. If They’re Hungry, They Will Meow for Food

Cats feel a little weird when they are hungry. So, they seek good food within no time.

If you delay for a quiet time, they will start meowing for long minutes and will not be you at ease until you provide them their meals.

It may irritate a person but for cats, this meow indicates their hunger and arrogance due to it.

Hence, don’t worry when they meow out loud. Just give them good food and they are set.

3. Craving for Attention

Cats are highly demanding and outshining when it comes to attention, care, and such more self-esteem things.

They will never ask you directly that they seek it, they will rather either purr or meow in a flirtatious manner which you can recognize easily that it’s different from their regular meowing and purring.

They also show their needs and greed via meowing and purring. When they need to enter a room or their tail is trapped between the doors or when she is unhappy and sad or when she wants to drink milk or something which she wants to happen, your baby cat will meow and convey her messages to you.

They are mere tongue less animals but they are very fascinating when it comes to their different communication skills and techniques. These are some instances why do cats meow at humans.

Do Cats Meow at Each Other To Communicate?

Have you ever wondered why do cats meow at each other and talking about something? Not.

You will rarely see any cat even meow when it’s alone. This is because cats only use meowing to communicate with humans and only humans.

They never use it in cases of among themselves. If they’ve to talk to any of the other cats, they either purr or rub against them to let them know what they want to convey.

Cats have scent glands located on their skin and near the nose, neck, and chest regions.

When they rub against each other, the scent is released and they communicate. Hence, they use this meowing on humans only and not at other cats. It’s a secret code only valid for humans.

Also, their tails make so many gestures while they meow back at you. A specific hormone is released in their brain when they meow and hence for that reason, their tails swirls in the air.

Meowing out of Fear of Darkness and Loneliness

The cats also fear darkness and loneliness, so when they’re either alone or in dark, cats meow loudly and continuously at night to call their owners near them.

So, from next time don’t leave your cat alone anywhere. Be with it and company it.

Let’s be honest about ourselves today. Although our cats meow at us, at any point in time and situation, like when you’re alone at home with your pussy cat, at least once we all have meowed at it with no reason and out of joy and a gesture of coolness.

And then your cat also learns from its master or owner and reply to you with a cute or happy meow according to its mood and can also come near you and rub itself against you to get cuddled by you.

At this time, you should do more meows and cuddle it and show it how much you love your company. In this manner, cats understand their masters and play with them.

Also, you get to know more about the likes and dislikes of your little friend, and accordingly, you can treat it.

You may also meow at your cat for more than just a gesture, like – You can say a Hi by meowing

Replying To Your Meow!

Cats like to get communicated by their owners the way they do it. It means by meowing. You can also request your baby friend by meowing at it when she is angry or unhappy and not eating or drinking anything.

At such times, they can be manipulated by such small but effective efforts of yours.

Every small action of a cat requires your appreciation and attention. Cats meow back at you whenever you do something which they like to happen with themselves.

Usually, cats don’t recognize or understand the names of their owners, rather they know their masters when they’re named as ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’. This is why do cats meow back at you.

Also, it is estimated that cats can understand around 25-30 English words and react to them within no time.

In most cases, they understand and realize the names which they’re named with. The cats though don’t have to speak words yet they can turn the table with their meows.


Hence, meows are powerful than any other gesture. Cats are smart enough to distinguish between the voices of their masters and others and will only respond to their master’s voice.

And to our utmost fascination, cats can even understand our emotions through our meows and meow back at us in reply. They meow back at us for any of the above-mentioned reasons.

Now, you know well why do cats meow back at you, what makes the cats meow how the cats meow and what else you had a doubt about.

That’s how cats are so much fascinating. Even though they can’t speak words, but they can meow which is amazing to know about.

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