Why Do Cats Smell Good? Pets Odor Explained!

Why Do Cats Smell Good

Cats do smell good, and there is no doubt, if you ever went too close to your cat, you may have noticed that they have a different type of smell on them.

And sometimes, the smell gets even better, which may make you surprised and want to know the reason.

So, why do cats smell good?

Cats smell good because they are a self groomer, which removes bad odor, dust, or dirt that may stick to them while hunting or nibbling on spoiled food. Moreover, regular bathing, a good diet, and brushing may help with bad cat odor.

Now, let’s go a little deeper and understand why cats smell good and how it helps them survive.

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Why Do Cats Smell Good?

Unlike dogs, cats groom themselves more often to look clean. They don’t like dirt on themselves; that’s why even a stray cat looks perfectly shining.

They use their tongue to remove the dirt; their tongue has tiny sharp spines which helps them lift off the dirt from their fur.

Cats basically have a tiny brush in their tongue, which removes all dirt, mud, and shedding hairs and keep their fur shiny and clean each time.

Now let’s look at the reasons why cats smell astonishing.

To Survive In The Wild

Wild cats often clean themselves to smell mild; this helps them hide from their predators. Constant clearing can evade predators to smell their scent from miles which eventually avoid frequent attacks.

It also helps while cats ambush their prey, they hide in small bushes to hunt down their prey, and if the target smells anything unusual, they likely to run into the forest.

This is why cats bury their food as well as their poop; they remove every trace to get caught either by their predator or prey. 

They Are Self Groomers

Typically, a cat would spend about 4-5 hours grooming themselves, isn’t it shocking? Cats are fabulous at washing any dirt or mud from their fur by licking them religiously.

The credits go to their unique tongue; they have very tiny spikes similar to a tiger that lift off dust, dirt, and mud from everywhere, including their coat. 

Their tongue is so flexible that it works like a tiny brush that even removes shedding hair.

In addition, their saliva contains a natural fragrance that removes all dirt, dust and germs, and bad odor from their fur, leaving them with a mild sweet scent.

The Diet Helps Cat To Smell Good

Cat’s diet plays a vital role in body odor, whether it’s a cat or dog. Cats obligate carnivores, rely on meats for their survival, and are pretty good at digesting them.

Usually, cats don’t smell bad unless they are an ill, malnourished or stray cat who struggles to get proper nutrition.

Thus, if you have an indoor cat, the chances are pretty high that they will always smell good and have a shiny coat.

Your Cat Might Asleep On Fresh Laundry

Cats are great at finding cozy places to hide, such as a doormat, basket, and square boxes. And they often fall asleep at their hiding place.

Cats often sleep in the laundry basket; the fragrance of fresh laundry may be the reason why your cat smells aromatic.

It’s A Way To Connect With People

Usually, cats connect with people through their smell; they leave a unique smelling essence on everything they think theirs, and it’s kind of marking their territory.

While it’s not noticeable for everyone, but someone who spends a good time with their cats may notice it.

Their saliva produces a special scent in the form of a detergent that gets spread all over their body while they groom their fur by licking.

Besides, their toe have scent glands that release a weird scent that later gets mixed with their saliva and makes your cat smell good.

Why Some Cats Smell Good While Others Don’t?

Typically, cats smell good due to their constant grooming behavior, but there are some specific conditions when a cat might smell bad.

If your cat has rolled in something that they unable to wash themselves, it will likely smell bad.

Illness could is another reason cats suffering from seborrhea often produce more sebum from their hair follicles which gets absorb in their fur, making them smell bad.

Besides, obesity, dental issue, arthritis, and other skin diseases can also be the reason to smell bad.

In older cats, this occurs due to a lack of self-grooming; cats suffering from dementia often forget to groom themselves, resulting in; dull, flaky, and tangled look. 

So, if you have an old cat and she smells bad, consult your vet.

Does Bathing Make My Cat Smell Good?

Yes, it does!

Usually, cats clean themselves efficiently, and they look perfectly shining every time.

But sometimes, when they played on mud and rolled in something filthy and unable to wash off the dirt, we are forced to bathe our feline friend in this scenario.

Does Bathing Make My Cat Smell Good

Most cats don’t like to bathe, and the owner finds it very stressful to bathe their kitty. So, if possible, just clean the dirty area and avoid full bathing.

However, if your cat gets really dirty and needs a bath, you first need to comfort both of you.

First, vet your cat and apply a small amount of cat shampoo and brush your cat to remove dirt, matt or not, then rinse with water to wash off the shampoo and once the bathing complete, pat dry your cat with a tower or two.

Usually, cat shampoo is scented with a mild flavor. Thus, bathing a cat with shampoo will make your cat smell good but don’t bathe them very often unless you find him very dirty or your vet suggested it.

Brushing Helps Them Smell Good!

While cats groom and clean themselves with their tongue. You may be wondering how regular brushing will make me smell good?

Usually, when a cat grooms itself with their tongue, they are actually lifting dirt and loose hair from their fur. And if you start brushing their fur, it will help and simple the process and make them shinier, which eventually smell good.

Regular brushing will also prevent your cat from ingesting dead hair and hairball development in their stomach, which means less hairy vomit and discomfort for your little feline friend.

Cats who often play in the backyard or outdoor may suffer from hair knot, which worsens with dust and mud. When cats groom themselves with their tongue, they find it hard to remove them as they become solid and coated with their fur, results: pain on the skin, rashes, and redness.

Lastly, if your cat sheds more than usual, brushing it is very important; otherwise, your cat may shed all-around your house, leaving the danger for you to unconsciously ingest their hair.

Thus, brushing becomes essential if you have an indoor cat. It will make your cat spend less time grooming themselves, which means less saliva on their fur and fewer chances to trigger allergies if you have any.

Why Do Cats Smell Better Than Dogs?

Well, it’s obvious that cats smell better than dogs. There are several reasons behind it, but one of the popular is that they typically spent a reasonable amount of time cleaning themselves.

Why Do Cats Smell Better Than Dogs

You may have noticed that even indoor cat constantly lick their fur and engaged in grooming themselves. This process cleans up the dust particles which got stuck in them while playing or chasing.

Besides, cats don’t have strong body odor, which could be the reason why cats smell good. They have relatively fewer sweat glands than dogs.

Whereas, dogs spend much time on other activities, such as playing, chasing, eating, and barking. This often causes dogs to sweat more, and the bacteria of the skin get mixed with the sweat, making them smellier than cats.

Why Do Cats Smell Like Perfume?

Usually, cats clean themselves repeatedly with their sharp tongue to keep themselves fresh and clean.

But what doesn’t mean they will smell like perfume, the chances are that someone hugged your feline, and their scent is attached to them, which eventually smelling like perfume.

Or your cat has eaten something with a high scent, and after that, they groomed themselves with their tongue; the saliva smells like perfume.

 Another possibility is that your cat may have rubbed themselves against something with a strong scent like clothes, mattress, outdoor flower, and grass. Or your kitty has slept on freshly done laundries and got the smell from there.

Final Thoughts

Cats smell good, and there is no doubt about it, and you are not the only one who got amazed by their scent. 

This is not because of some luck or internal gland instead; cats spend about ΒΌ of their daily time grooming themselves. And this helps them lift off dirt, dust from their fur and protects them from predators.

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