Why Do Cats Wink And What You Can Do About It?

Why do cats wink

Do you know, Cats wink!

If you ever pet a cat, you must notice several remarkable gestures and habits which they inhabit. First of all, knowing and understanding your cat is important.

What she likes to do, how she acts in various situations and different people, etc are some of the most common questions you must have answers to.

The most common gestures of cats are climbing up their masters, scratching their ears with their paws, and winking.

Yes! Our cats WINK very often! Sounds quite weird, right?

The Scientific Reason Behind Cat’s Winking

The winking of cats is completely scientific. But why do cats wink? Out of happiness or drowsiness or something is hidden behind the human view?

Well, they have a third membrane that originates from the inner bottom right corner of their eye and stretches diagonally to the opposite side of the same eye.

This membrane is translucent and is believed to help the cats to see clearly and properly irrespective of the presence of a transparent natural eye lens. Also, this third membrane maintains the moisture of the eyes of cats. And when this third membrane stretches, the cats feel a sensation in their eyes, and in response to it, the cats wink at us.

Usually, the stretching isn’t too long as we think, it’s a short duration of time but the cats wink for about several seconds due to a natural responsive body system.

Cat’s Winking – A Friendly Gesture

Many people around the globe when the question arises why do cats wink believe that winking, for cats is a gesture to show their fun-loving, tamed, joyful, and jovial nature.

It is a way of showing their playfulness and friendliness towards others. Also, cats wink to show how much they love and feel safe and secured when they are with their masters.

Cats are quite friendly and do such small and little sweet things to compassionate human hearts.

Also, take care while bathing them. After bathing them, pat their fur with a soft towel and don’t rush to wipe the water off. It may damage their fur and cause hair to fall.

Also, avoid eye contact with soap water to avoid irritation and redness. After bathing them, keep them under sunshine for the natural drying of furs.

Sometimes, without our notice, the fine furs enter our cat’s eye and the cats wink now and then in irritation due to the furs. So, don’t keep wondering then about why do cat wink.

Wink Varies According to Cat Type

1. Domestic Cats

Winking varies vastly according to the type of cat you have or you have seen around. If your cat is a calm, quiet and homely one i.e. domestic one, then they wink to show how much they love and feel safe and secured when they are with their masters.

Cats are quite friendly and do such small and little sweet things to compassionate human hearts.

They can be stubborn and infuriating if teased or misbehaved but can be extremely calming and soothing if taken care of properly. They need the utmost care and compassion to accept an owner or master.

2. Wild Cats

But in the case of wild and jungle cats, they consider winking or any other eye contact as regard to hostility and violence.

They just slowly close their eyes and indicate the presence of any danger or upcoming bad event to their other members. Cat’s attitude towards their friends in forests doesn’t include any eye contact but more paw movements and ear movements.

And wild cats intensely stare and wink at humans whom they like the least.

So, in this manner, you can identify why do cats wink if it’s a domestic or a wild one.

Also initially when you bring a cat to your home, it may feel a bit new and weird to her. Your cat will take time to cope up with the new surroundings and people and the environment.

Whether on the other hand, if the cat starts fearing something, it will wink and blink every time it comes in contact with the thing, person, or place it fears.

So, keep in mind about all the actions and reactions of your pet cat at home and her environment around it.

Is Winking An Indication?

On one hand, the winking may look super cute, adorable, and fancy, but on the other hand, it can also indicate severe situations that you should never avoid or neglect to give attention to.

A cat’s wink can also be a sign of infection. The most common symptoms can be discharged from the eyes (like humans get when they suffer from conjunctivitis), redness, and inflammation in the eyes.

These symptoms force the cats to wink unwantedly to try to see things.

If you notice something like this, immediately visit a veterinarian and have a check up of your beloved cat.

Keep an eye on their regular vaccinations. You may not consider this step as of any importance but to be honest, it is one of the foremost rules before you own any pet, that you must take care of their regular vaccinations to avoid any problem ahead.

Take them to the veterinarian every trimester and keep them disease-free and safe from any issue. So, next time when you look at your cat, don’t hesitate to recall why did it wink.

What To Do When Your Cat Winks?

Winking for a cat has different meanings and indications. But you surely need to react to every kind and type of wink of your little pussy cat.

If she winks slowly and does nothing else, it means she is horrified or afraid of something around her. In this case, take her in your hands and pat her back and make her feel calmer and relaxed. Assure your cat that she is safer and secured with you.

And if she blinks once only, it means it’s a friendly gesture of calling its master to hold it up and caress. Your cat will sniff as every other does and will play with you.

And if she blinks multiple times, again and again, it may be out of excitement or irritation which you can understand when you face the same in reality.

Summing Up!

Different winks have different meanings but a cat’s wink is adoring and unique to watch through the eyes of a human.

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