Why Does My Cat Bite My Blanket? Here Is The Answer!

Why Does My Cat Bite My Blanket

While lying on the bed with you, haven’t you noticed your cat biting, scratching, and purring with the blanket?

It’s natural and very common for cat parents to notice such activity throughout the day. As soon as they are up on the bed or the sofa, they will start biting the soft pillows or blankets and make them wet with saliva!

It’s a mess, but you don’t understand and keep on asking the “why does my cat bite my blanket?”

Here we will try to support our answer with some scientific research findings. There could be several possible reasons for it, let’s take a look.

Why Does My Cat Bite My Blanket?

Cats bite blankets for various reasons. Generally, cats bite and lick and lay on clothes they prefer over others.

Mostly it is because they find your smell strongly on these clothes. Biting, purring, playing, and lying on your blankets are a sign that your cat cares for you, they love your smell, they love the texture of the clothes, and most importantly will be attentive to them if they make cute faces!

Reason 1: Bad Condition of Teeth

If your cat is biting the blanket and every other thing in your house, maybe it is because of any sort of irritation in their mouth.

They can have itchy mouths or gums if they grow some infections or tooth decay. Like in humans, cats also feel that tingling effect in their teeth when they have a tooth issue.

If you have a kitten, biting blankets are very common because they have irritations in their gums due to the growth of a new set of teeth.

But if your cat is old, and suddenly he/she starts biting blankets for no reason at all, you should be armed because it can be a serious tooth decay issue.

Take your cat to the vet immediately if he/she is old and has grown this habit.

Reason 2: Biting Blanket Can Be Mean of Marking Their Territory

Biting Blanket Can Be Mean of Marking Their Territory

Cats love to mark their territory on their humans. They live to smell them on everything you have. That can be the exact reason why cats bite and nibble on the blankets.

The saliva they secrete when biting and nibbling on the blanket make your blanket smell like his scent. This gives them immense pleasure of security and safety.

Also, they feel very much dominant when they do this. Peeing can be a kind of territory marking, you were aware of, but this is also a very affectionate way of territory marking which was researched by animal behaviorists, recently.

Reason 3: They Are Inviting You to Cuddle Them

Sometimes, biting blankets, or nibbling them and purring is an invitation from cats. They do it because they want you to love them and give them the proper attention that they deserve!

If you are busy wiring for reading a book, they will lie bridge you, playing with the blanket, biting it, making cute faces just to make you go weak on the hands!

Can you imagine ignoring their blue eyes and that beautiful silent meow along with that purr? By God’s grace, we don’t die from their cuteness nor do we get diabetes.

If this was it, we could have been dead on the very first day!

Reason 4: Childhood Behavior

Childhood Behavior

If your cat has lost his mother or has been separated from his mother at a very immature age, cats tend to develop this habit.

This habit is an action of a kitten, who is suckling on the mother’s breast. They make this a habit and it stays with them forever.

It’s okay to let them do this because they find security and warmth in this cat and your blanket where you lie beside him/her.

Your presence makes them feel like they are still near their parents, and that is exactly why they can do such activities.

Reason 5: It Can Be a Form of Stress Buster

Cats feel stressed and suffer from anxiety sometimes. The anxiety arises due to various reasons.

Sometimes due to new pets at home, sometimes due to the addition of family members, changing of environment, changing of face, changing of the house.

Any changes can make them stressed. These stressed cats generally roll them up into the blankets and bite them or knead or nibble them lightly. This helps them release stress.

Any new changes in your home environment like a change in their place, a large in their beddings, you might have a baby just now, someone other than old family members are staying at your place, some unruly kids at your place, traveling a long distance can also make them stressed and anxious.

Any changes in their defeating place are also the reason for the same. So, this could be a possible reason why your cat bites your blanket.

You Should Stop them? But How?

A mother like you must be really worried,  reading all these reasons for stress and anxiety.

But don’t worry, there is nothing to worry about it just consult with your vet.

If your cat is scratching up the blankets, then you need to take a stand to stop your cat. But if they are just playing, then we think, there is no reason to get stressed.

1. Scold them with a firm voice. Don’t melt with their meows!

2. Take away the blanket from them immediately and make them realize it was not appreciable.

3. Play with them, when they want you to play with them, biting blankets can be an initiator.

4. Worms can be a reason for this habit. Check their dates of the last medicine given to them for worms and the present date.

If you see, you’ve missed out, then this can be the reason. Give them proper medicine and the habit will vanish.


So that’s it! I have given all the possible reasons why does your cat bites your blanket.

It’s okay if your cat is biting the blanket, just find it the reasons why and then you will be able to make it stop. Don’t panic, stay calm!

Try to find out the exact reason for the particular behavior before you jump into conclusions.

There might be hundreds of other issues that a doctor could find out, so, visit the animal clinic.

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