Why Does My Cat Follow Me Into The Bathroom?

Why does my cat follow me into the bathroom? Well, there are various explanations but let me short this for you.

First, let us understand what make cats follow you everywhere. This is a very basic habit adapted by cats at the tender age.

After birth kittens have a routine of following their mothers everywhere and this could be the reason why your cats follow you, within the bathroom.

You might be experiencing these in the bathroom: 

  • Random attacks
  • Leg rubs 
  • Or continuous meowing 
  • Playing inside the tub 
  • Playing in the sink 
  • Getting cozy in the sink
  • Licking you feet 
  • Licking the bathtub
  • Sipping water from the running tap, etc. 

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Into The Bathroom? Possible Reasons!

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Into The Bathroom

The short answer is: cats are curious animals and it can be seen in their behavior. They often get fascinated with different things in your bathroom like the tub, flowing water, toilet paper, etc.

Bathrooms have different sections and patterns, which can be a great playground for them. Cats love to stay on heights! Heights make every surrounding visible which helps them.

Maybe that’s why when suddenly you go to the bathroom, two pairs of eyes, startle you! Let’s get into the details of the reasons. 

1. They Are Curious

If you are constantly curious to know the answer to your respective question” Why does my cat follow me into the bathroom?”, the answer is they are curious.

Cats have a curious nature. The curious nature of cats is inborn. In the beginning, they are blind and deaf, the only power they have is to smell.

So, they utilize this particular gift to its fullest and which develops as their strong sense since birth. This develops their sense of hunting and fires up the nature of curiosity. 

You might have noticed that cats are always sniffing everything around them, this makes it their habit and has passed to their genes.

Anyways, this curious nature of what might be happening behind the doors makes them follow you to the bathroom.

The sounds from inside the bathroom, even the sound of water or towel or anything make them curious. When they follow you to the bathroom, they don’t generally jump on you, they just want to stay beside you every minute.

Also, they have noticed that you take a long time to get out from behind that door, so they have taken things in their hands and decided to follow you! 

2. Your Fluffy Friend Loves You

Your Fluffy Friend Loves You

Some people say that cats do not love us, it is a myth. Your fluffy pal, you lovable fur all love you very much. Because they love you, that can not live far from you.

Yes, cats do have an addiction to minding their enterprise if they do not just like the human touch, again, as noted in factor 1, cats are curious. Their curious nature forces them to suppose you are probably in danger. So, they are trying to stay with you all of the time. 

Now, in case you ask us ” why does my cat follow me into the bathroom?” 

Since restrooms are cool, they tail you, and it is one of their propensities. Creature behaviorists envision this to be an imperative reason for felines to agree to you into the bathroom while you aren’t around them, they need you, they get sharp roughly and attempt to consent to you anyplace.

You might assume, why not different rooms? Our answer is simple, the restroom is inside the house, you’re near them, you don’t drive them away however they may get lost outside, so there is this limitation. 

3. Water Can Be An Attraction 

Water can be a fascination. When water streams from the apparatus or the spout, it makes a decent captivating sound that pulls in them, conceivably.

Felines love to play with water generally. Your baby may fall in the primary classification who adores water. The freshwater attracts them, cats will avoid drinking any unclean water, they always go for everything fresh.

The clear running water makes them visit the bathroom wherever you go. Some cats will lick the bathtub even if it doesn’t have water in it.

They like to lick the places they enjoy. The bathroom is one of those places where they enjoy. Also, they might be attracted to the shower. The way waterfalls from the show can be a type of addiction or a playful place for them.

It might be raining for them. Usually, cats don’t play in the rain, but yes, some do. That is why they follow you into the bathroom. 

4. The Cat Tub 

cat in bathroom-sink

Have you caught your fluffy baby sleeping in the sink? It is because they find it interesting and a perfect fit for them.

Cats always try to stay in places that have walls around it, something like a basket. This particular habit is due to their nature of hinting.

We might have tamed them and brought them in homes, but they still have their wild instincts. This walled place helps them think they are safe and secure.

The sink is a similar kind of place. Cats have a warm body, so to keep the temperature in balance, cats always find cool places to sit or sleep. The sink is ideal for this purpose.

The cool sink keeps their body temperature in balance and that makes them happy and sleepy. Even sometimes, cats sleep in a frying pan, hope you have noticed! 

5. A Wonderful Time for Attention-Seeking

Cats generally try to find a time when they can be given attention to. This is the time when they will rub their body or their tail around you and make rounds around your legs.

When you sit in the toilet, your fluffy, curious friend will rub themselves on your legs repeatedly. This means, “Hey, human, give me attention!”. 

Cats know how to use time. They have figured out that you are busy at the moment and don’t have anywhere else to go or do anything other than giving attention to them.

So, they try to utilize each second to get their desired attention. When you are working, they don’t get the attention they seek, but now you are trapped with them! 

6. Toilet Paper Roll Plays

After cat parenting for quite a time, every cat parent had realized that cats do love being in the bathroom and make a mess inside it.

There are more possible reasons behind your query “why does my cat follow me into the bathroom?”

Toilet Paper Roll Plays

Toilet papers are like toys to them and they tend to play with toilet paper rolls even if you are around.

Many times you will see that toilet rolls were scattered and your cat is sleeping in the tub with a roll of toilet paper around them. This is it, they love destroying toilet paper and that is probably their best place.

Generally, cats play with their instincts for hunting. When they are young, their mothers teach them how to hunt and stay safe in a playful way. This gets imprinted in their habit and that’s how they play their whole life.

Now, they think of toilet paper as an element and attack it. During this process, the famous bathroom mess happens! 

7. Cats Like to Sleep on Bathroom Mats 

You enter the bathroom and see your fluffy sleeping on the wet shower mat, you might want to know ” why does my cat follow me into the bathroom?”.

Let me explain to you, bathroom mats are wet and cold, and that attracts them. These mats keep them saved from the excessive heat.

When cats want to cool down their bodies, they will lie face down on the wet mat or the floor. This helps them release some heat from their body and in turn, helps them keep their body temperature in balance.

Every animal is warm-blooded and all of them prefer to sleep on cold floors or cold surfaces. If your cat is sleeping in the sink for a longer period, they are likely to switch places from sink to the wet shower/bathroom mat!

Like we mentioned earlier, they like to keep their body cold because they are always warm, mats are good options if not sinks! 

Summing Up!

If you were struggling to find an answer to “why does my cat follow me into the bathroom?” We hope this was a helpful article.

All these reasons are probable reasons and have been researched by nominal sciences and behaviorists to help a human understand their furry friends.

If your cat is doing the same, don’t scold them, encourage them to stay with you. This will help create an unbreakable bond.

The longer you stay with your pets, the longer you interact with your pet, the more you encourage your pets to stay with you, they will become more addicted to you. But yes, if you find out a bathroom mess, ever, you know who it is! 

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