Why Does My Cat Lay on My Clothes? Possible Reasons!

Why Does My Cat Lay on My Clothes

Everybody knows how much cats love to play. From jumping off from heights to climbing and scratching surfaces, they are all very busy playing the whole day. 

Pet cats jump off from beds and rush across the living to the kitchen or the garden. It is their only activity other than sleeping! 

Did you ever notice your cat sleeping on your piled up clothes? Yes, you must have, if you have a pet cat. 

They generally bring out clothes from either the cupboard or the pile kept next to your washing machine. That is when the question, “why does my cat lay on my clothes,” struck you! Isn’t it? 

Here we have sorted some reasons to quench your query. Let’s get rolling!

Why Does My Cat Lie on My Clothes? – Because the Place is Comfy

The place where you have kept your clothes might be very comfortable and warm for your cats to lay down. 

The environment around the clothes, the temperature of the clothes, and the texture is maybe your cat’s choice, and that is why your cat has chosen it to lie on. 

You will often see them jump up on your cupboard and sleep on your clothes because the cupboard is a warm and comfortable place for your cat, and it has your scent as well. 

Felines love to be in a place where they smell their parents! 

Cats, or rather animals, can or make you feel their love for you is through these activities. They have nothing else to make you understand their love and affection for you. 

Even if you are far away, your baby will find you, just because they can smell you. 

To Mark Their Domination 

As your cat is the “your highness” of your house, they have some rules and regulations that you need to follow! 

Cats generally are of dominating nature; to make it better understood, your cat will sleep on your clothes and laundry. When cats play with something or sleep on it, things become their own. 

Like, have you felt them sleeping on you? Yes, right. That is how they have claimed you as their property. 

To us, clothes are important, and your cat is very intelligent to understand it. That is exactly why they generally claim your clothes and not your makeup items! 

Well, some cats do claim makeup boxers because they fit in it comfortably! 

Oiling Their Curiosity 

Cats are curious about every single activity you do, or they see happening around them! Your clothes smell different and have different textures. 

This variation might attract them. Cats are very positive about their parents. When your cat is sniffing the area you just wore, that can mean they are checking on you. 

Like dogs, cats also sniff stuff to find out if you are involved with any other cat or not! 

The dress you wear has all the scents of the places you have been to. They love to sniff off the scents and give your dress the scent of their body. 

As mentioned earlier, they love to show their power and dominance over you, cats out of curiosity, and their dominant behavior. 

This could be a possible answer to your question, “why does my cat lay in my clothes?”.

Visual Attraction 

Visual Attraction

We have an experiment for you. Try keeping something else on the bed other than your cloth and see if your cat jumps on it or not. 

Very astonishingly, you will find that your cat is playing with the item or lying on it. Cats don’t just lie on your clothes; they are attracted to every product that is different from the surface and has a different shape.

Different shapes and colors attract cats, and this is the reason that they play with your clothes. 

Suppose, if you have dumped many clothes for laundry, look carefully, your cat will choose the piece that they once sat on. 

They will pick their favorite garment out of the pile that they have decided to sit upon! When choosing the garment, they might be attracted to the cloth’s scent or the color or the fabric may be. We would never know! 

Fabrics Attract Them 

The texture of the fabrics is one of the most important factors for cats when choosing clothes to sleep in! 

Cats generally pick out the soft clothes where they can lie down. If you keep clothes in various fabrics, your cat will likely pick out the bunch’s softest piece. 

But this isn’t always the case. They can even sleep on jute fabric. From next time, if you don’t find your cotton clothes, or if you see them missing, find it in their basket! 

This could be a possible reason why your cat lays down on dirty clothes.

To Get Your Attention 

Many times you find your cat lying on your clothes; why do you think they do that? Mostly because you are busy with your office work or your household chores, they feel ignored. 

And then suddenly you find that your cat is lying on your clothes or playing with it. You might be thinking, why does my cat lay on my cloth?. So, the answer is to get your attention. 

Cats are attention-seeking creatures, and they love it when they get adore by their owner. So cats possibly do everything to grab your attention. 

You will get overwhelmed with their cuteness, and you will feel the attraction and end up cuddling them or pet them instead of scolding them. 

Cats are very manipulating in nature; they can manipulate you with their behaviors. Looking into the eyes and meowing is their favorite one. 

They just do this to grab your attention while lying on your cloth, looking at you.

Compact Spaces 

This can be a possible answer to “why does my cat lay on my clothes?”

They will pile up your cloth and then sleep on it or lie down on it while cleaning themselves in the most magical way possible!

Sometimes you will see that your cats are hiding on compact spaces like boxes, shoe corners, shelves, boom shelves, and other similar corner places.

They feel safe and warm in these places. They also spread their scents throughout the house, so whenever someone unknown comes in, they get alerted. 

In other words, these small acts are classified in their territory marketing and safety.


Cats are the most intelligent pets because they are cunning and have higher IQ’s. 

When your Fluffy friend chooses to sleep on your clothes or play with it, there are reasons behind it.

The first could be the scent you have. Your bodily secretions and scents attract them. It is something that helps them recognize you. They might not understand you by your face, but they will always identify you using their sense. 

Secondly, the comfort and warmth they get from yours are unimaginable. When they choose your clothes to sleep on, they look for the cloth to provide them warmth, security, and safety. 

Your clothes have your scent, and hence your scent gives them security. Cats are the best animals if you are fond of cuddle babies, and here’s your answer to “why does my cat lay on my clothes?”

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