Why Does My Cat Put His Paw On My Face? 10 Explanations

why does my cat put his paw on my face

Maybe one day you woke up and wonder “why does my cat put his paw on my face right?” Cats are amazing in expressions and they do show their affection differently,

For cats, pawing on a human face, head rubbing, kneading are very common ways of communication. They are always a little touchy with loved once. 

So, Why Does Your Cat Put Cat Put His Paw on Your Face?

There is no defined reason why cats put his paw on your face. It could be for showing his/her love, to grab your attention, testing you, or maybe asking for food. What so ever the reason is just enjoying the little precious moment with your cat

In this article, I will tell you all the obvious reasons why your cat put his paw on your face. So let’s start. 

In this article, you will get an answer to these queries

  • Why does your cat put his paw on your face?
  • Is this a common behavior? 
  • What you can do about it?

# Reason 1: Your Cat Wants You to Wake Up

This is one of the most common and obvious reasons why they do it. Whenever you are in sleep, your cat puts his paws on your face to wake you up. 

Not only do they put a paw on your face but they do sleep near your face, knead you with head, and so on. 

# Reason 2: Your Cat Wants to Play with You

There is a chance that your cat wants to play with you. This could be because you may not give your cat enough time. 

Invest some of your time from your busy schedule and play with your cat. You can bring a little mate for your cat too.

# Reason 3: Showing your Affection

Whenever, do you feel the love you pat your cat on the head to show your affection right? So cats have learned it from you. 

As we keep pat on their head to show our affection towards them. Gradually with time cats realize that this is the way to show affection and they start doing it too.

So, next time when your cat puts his paw on your face, immediately leave everything and give some time to him/her.

# Reason 4: Your Cat is Snuggling Against You

Snuggling can be another reason why your cat put his paw on your face. My cat often sleeps over my chest and I feel that it is a sign of trust. Sleeping next to you makes your cat feel comfortable and safe.

Your cat may like your chicks and thus stretch his paws to you and finally put it on your face. 

# Reason 5: Your Cats Wants Your Attention

Not always but sometimes cats also want your attention. So whenever your cat puts his paw on your face it can be a sign that your cat is seeking your attention. 

Your Cat Needs Attention

So whenever I get busy with my work or laying on the bed reading books my cat comes to me and does little meow thing and sometimes lay on my chest to grab my attention. 

So if this is the case with you then try to put stop your work for a while and give attention to your little friend.

# Reason 6: Your Cat May Be Testing You

This is proven that cats can do a test to their owner before trusting them. This happens when the cat is seeing you for the first time or you have just brought a new cat to your home.

Cats will not let you touch until they realize that you are not going to hurt them. However, with time and care, they do start trusting their owner.

So, when your cat puts his paw on your face to see whether you are trustworthy or not, do not afraid and act strangely because this might make them uncomfortable.

# Reason 7: Asking You for Food

Hunger can be another sign. A gentle pat on the face can be a sign that your cat is hungry and asking you for food. 

You may have to feed your cat but sometimes they just crave more than usual and thus they sometimes remind you by doing a gentle pat on your face.

So whenever you are away from home or sleeping. Make sure there is enough food for your cat. 

# Reason 8: You Cat Maybe Asking You to Clean the Litter box

Cat Litter Box

This could be another reason. As you know that cats can’t speak like humans, they do little cute gestures to communicate with us. 

You maybe forgot to clean the litter box and your cat is saying “hey come on clean it” 

So, when next time you see little paws on your face. Go and check out the litter box. It might need to be cleaned.

# Reason 9: For the Marking Purpose

Cats mark their owner with a type of scent found in their palm. It is a sign that you are his/her only owner and they feel comfortable with you.

This scent act as an identifying agent and whenever you try to hide they find easily with the help of scent.

# Reason 10: To Hug and Cuddle You

Cats often put his paws on your cat and asking you for a hug. As I told you earlier that cats do need attention. 

Cats admire getting loved by their owners. So next time, when you see your cat’s little paw on your face or chest it can be a sign that your cat wants a little hug and to be pet by you.

Putting Paw on the Face is Common?

why does my cat put his paw on my face

Yes, putting a paw on the human face is a very common gesture of cats. They do it very often to communicate with us.

Cats show their affection in many ways like kneading, gentle biting, rubbing against your body, etc

Do You Need to Worry About It?

Frankly speaking, you don’t need to worry about it as long your cat is not hurting you. But if you are afraid of getting scratched with their nails you may consider doing followings.

  • You can cut and trim the nails of your cat
  • You can clean the paw of your cat if you think they are dirty.
  • You can also purchase a cat pet to avoid getting disturbed.
  • Or you may get another cat to play with your kitty.

Summed Up!

These are some common reasons why your cat put his paw on your face. So, next time whenever your cat does this you can immediately understand the purpose behind this cute gesture.

Does your cat do the same things as you? Do they touch your face? Love you hear your experience with your kitty.

Comment down below your favorite behavior that attracts you most.

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