Why Does My Cat Sleep with Me And Not My Husband? Tell ME!

Why Does My Cat Sleep with Me And Not My Husband

Cats are known for their whimsical, dominating nature. They are the masters of their own decision that proves to be the final decision for them.

Even if you want to get angry and a cold, that fluffy body, those cute eyes, and that cute face and nose will not let you.

You will surrender to the beauty and gracefulness, ultimately. The warmth, the love, the bond is the main attainment from all these actions and, naturally, there can be domestic war because of this! 

So, why does my cat sleep with me and not my husband? Times are tough when your cat chooses you over your husband! There can be a domestic war that can lead to a situation of anxiety and agitation.

Remember, one thing, there is nothing to be sad or worried about if your cat is choosing your side to sleep because your husband is doing anything wrong.

Animals are hard to understand, but some animal behaviorists have found some reasons in some of their research and experiments.

Let’s dig deeper. But before we begin, there is one thing we should clarify. 

Is it Okay to Sleep with Your Cat? 

Animals are stress reliever and there is no other reason as important as this one.

They need you and you need them, this is a relationship of unconditional love. Sleeping next to your cat creates more bonding.

The bonding people talk about dogs only, is not true. If you can do a few things regularly, you will be able to create the bond. 

If you are prone to allergies, sleeping with a cat can be a dangerous idea. Cat hairs are very much harmful to humans who are prone to allergies.

Even if you and no allergies, some scientists claim that it can come up suddenly, because of the cat hairs. 

Cats can have dirty feet. That is exactly why sleeping with a cat is not a good idea. If you are willing to do so, you must wash their feet before you let them on your bed.

The dirt from the litter tray can be the source of your dirty bedsheets! So, keeping all these aspects in mind, you should decide whether you want to sleep with your cat or not. 

After a long tiring day, when you come home, the leg rubs and the tails rubs around your legs will work as a stress reliever, hence they can be the most wanted comfort you will be looking for the whole day! 

How Cats Decides a Spot to Sleep?

How Cats Decides a Spot to Sleep

If you are worried about your query, “why does my cat sleep with me and not my husband?” We might have some explanations.

A cat will look for a few aspects before choosing their favorite sport which is supposedly next to you, not your husband! 

  • They look for comfort
  • Cats look for calmness’s and peace 
  • Your babies look for security and safety
  • Cats prefer spots that are warm and cozy 

Cata generally chooses their spot next to your belly or at the age of the bed where they can sleep quietly and cozy. 

They generally choose the human or rather you, because you feed him/her. Your husband might not take much part in the daily activities that your cat goes through.

Taking part in daily activities with your cat, increase the bind and the affection which results in the choice spot at night.

The more you bond with your cat while undergoing the daily activities, the more you are creating the bond. 

Have you noticed sometimes, your cat sleeps on you? Why do you think it is so? 

Cats like to sleep on cozy and warm places at night but once they feel warmth, they will run into the bathroom; a cool place!

If you are choosing you to sleep on, it is because you are his/her favorite and they trust you the most. Cats always sleep on the ones they trust the most. 

Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me And Not My Husband?

Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me And Not My Husband

There can be quite a long list of reasons or not. Finding out the exact reason is very tough because understanding animal psychology is hard.

Well, that doesn’t mean we don’t have any supposes, let’s see. 

1. Your Husband Doesn’t Feed Them 

Animals make bonding with the humans who feed them. Animals generally trust the human who feeds them.

They generally create bind with the one who feeds them. Maybe you are a housewife and your husband stays out of the house all day, so it’s obvious that you are the one in charge.

It would be very beneficial to eradicate this problem is by asking your husband to feed your furball for dinner.

This will create a balance in the bonding. 

2. Ask Your Husband to Spend Some More Time With Them

If your husband comes home exhausted and doesn’t spend much time with your cat, your cat may choose your side and not your husband.

Ask your husband to spend some time more to create the bond.

Let them play for some time before you go for sleep. 

3. Talk to Your Fluffy Friend 

Talking to your pets is important, even though they can’t speak, they understand your emotions.

They don’t understand what you are saying, but you can connect with your fluffy with words. Words are the flow of emotions that can connect two hearts.

This will genuinely help your husband create a bond with your husband. 

4. Build a Spot Next to Your Husband

It is important to build the spot next to your husband if your husband wishes to create a bond. You can do that by keeping a spot warm and cozy.

Entice your cat to sleep with your husband by making all the necessary arrangements.

Summing Up!

Honestly, all the processes mentioned here will take quite a long but you need to be patient to make changes in the habit. Habits can be created with patience and dedication. Hence, you need to be dedicated. 

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