Why Does My Cat Stare At Me While I Sleep? 7 Solid Reasons

why does my cat stare at me while I sleep

While sleeping at night, you suddenly see two glowing eyes looking directly at you. Yes, you will surely get a panic attack! 

This is nothing, just you little feline friend looking at you. This is not just a one-time incident, it’s repeating every day, and you are going crazy thinking what is wrong in the situation that makes you little feline friend stare at you for hours after hours in the darkroom. 

Why does my cat stare at me while I sleep? Short answer, your cat stares at you while you are sleeping, perhaps because of hunger, boredom, loneliness, or curiosity. Also, your cat may be protecting you from danger.

To help you get the correct answers to your query, we have elaborated on a few reasons. Along with it, we have also added a few general queries to help you understand the matter thoroughly. To know, Why Does My Cat Stare at Me While I Sleep, scroll down. 

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me While I Sleep? 

There are quite a few fascinating reasons that can awe you at the same time fascinate you. The reason could be 

She/he wants to play with you – When they want to play with you, your feline friend will keep you awake or just stare at you while you sleep.

She/he fascinates you – Your feline friend might immerse you. This means your facial expressions or your breathing pattern makes them eagerly wait for you to wake up and play with them. 

Their intention to check on you – The nights are long, and cats are protective creatures. They love to check on their loved ones. So, when they wake up, they weirdly stare at you. There’s nothing to worry about; it’s perfectly natural! 

They might be hungry/anxious -Yes, hunger keeps them awake. If you feed them hours before bed, it’s natural they will feel hungry. So, to avoid such situations, you should provide them right before bed. Change this feeding time. 

They protect you from danger while keeping a watch on you. 

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What Makes A Cat Stay Awake All Night?

While answering, Why Does My Cat Stare at Me While I Sleep, we also thought of clearing this specific doubt of what makes your stay awake all night!

Felines are typically alert in the evening time since they are crepuscular creatures. This implies that they are more dynamic at sunset and first light.

These vibrant occasions are their ideal opportunity to chase rodents and other little prey, so it is anything but unexpected that they invest a ton of energy wandering around evening time. 

Besides that, felines are more dynamic around evening time since they regularly spend the daytime resting and unwinding.

This happens as a rule for cats who are separated from everyone else at home and have nothing to keep themselves occupied with toys and exercises. 

The eyes of the felines likewise have something to do that makes them wide wakeful around evening time. They have decent night vision because their eyes have six to multiple times more bar cells, which are more delicate to low light than people do.

Feline’s circular eye shape and bigger corneas and tapetum help assemble all the more light also. It makes prey or different articles outlined against a night sky more unmistakable.

Their other bar cells likewise permit them to detect movement in obscurity. 

Why Does My Cat Sniff My Face When I’m Sleeping? 

At the point when a feline needs to smell your face, they approach you gradually and sniff your nose.

We have to realize that kittens are exceptionally social creatures and social co-operations are a significant piece of their prosperity.

An absence of positive social communications can negatively affect their enthusiastic dependability. These social communications take numerous structures.

While it happens less as they get more established, having is a crucial influence of any solid feline’s life. Brushing and preparing are additionally significant.

Yet, probably the most essential collaborations can say a ton. 

Why My Cat Touches My Nose When I’m Sleeping?

Felines can be overly friendly with their people and will, in general, be tenacious, as well.

On the off chance that your kitty consistently chases after you and would sit at your lap, you are one lucky pet parent. Your feline may even smell your face and continue to lick your nose

Your feline might be sniffing your face to welcome you similarly as they would inhale the essences of their kindred cats.

Likewise, she may sniff your face to smell you and submit your aroma to memory to assist work with trusting and commonality. 

Felines have a decent feeling of smell because of the pretty much 45 to 200 million olfactory receptors. They use it to assemble data from the climate.

They use their nose to flag threats, show friendship, mark their region, and for prepping.

Cats are also ready to recognize risk and different dangers through the Flehmen reaction, which is a kind of sniffing wherein they breathe noticeably all around through an open mouth. 

If a feline sniffs or contacts your nose, it is a genuinely likely sign they have acknowledged you into their family.

If they drive their face into yours and rub their nose against you, this is additionally an exceptionally particular sign.

In addition to the fact that they like you, however, they are checking you with their aroma to tell others you have a place with them.

What Can You Do To Stop Your Cat?

Ok, so now you got an understanding of why your cat is staring at you at night, right? First of all, cats are innate hunters, which make them very active even at night. 

Why do you want to stop it? It’s an incredibly cute, protective, and friendly gesture, but sometimes it may scare you. 

To keep your furball away from looking right at your face in a weird way, you need to do a few things. 

Play with them during the day – Remember what parents used to do with their children to make them sleep in the night? They left them to play around the whole day so they can get some sound sleep in the night.

Note: To make them play all day, provide them with various toys, various mechanical food shakers, etc.

Similarly, make your cat play hard all day so that they don’t get enough time to sleep. When they are playing all day, they will naturally sleep at night. This will help you eliminate the weird look of your cat on you all night long!

Ensuring your cat is not hungry – This may be another cause that makes your cat awake all night and stares at you. You can avoid this by checking if your cat is fed sufficient before you take a nap. You can also keep a bowl of food and water, so whenever your cat feels hungry, they can eat and then back to sleep.

Playmate – If your cat is not sleeping in the night and keeps staring at you while you are sleeping, this might be because your feline friend is feeling lonely.

What can you do? If possible, bring another cat so your kitty won’t feel lonely while you are sleeping.

Change the meal timing of your fur – Feed them right before you go to bed. This will help them stay full. Cats generally get up early in the morning when they are hungry or in a playful mood.

Typically, when hungry, they will try to wake you up to make you feed them. Changing the meal timing will be a great help if you wish to avoid it.

Lock the Bedroom Door (Not recommended) –while you are sleeping, you can lock the door from inside, so your cat is unable to enter the room to disturb you while you are sleeping.

But doing this so, you may cut yourself from your cat’s memory and emotional touch.

What Does It Mean When Your Cat Stares At You?

It is tough to say what exactly your feline friend is trying to say by staring at you. Still, as people welcome each other with a handshake, an up-close kiss, or a bow, felines utilize their nose to contact an individual cat or their human to make proper acquaintance.

You may have seen how felines sniff each other’s appearances as a method for the welcome. The sniffing may mean they smell you and above all else as a method of making proper acquaintance with you. 

Felines have exceptional non-verbal communication that implies specific implications. Similarly, as sniffing your face is her method of making proper acquaintance, she may likewise be doing it to submit your fragrance to their memory as a method of building commonality and trust. 

A few felines may likewise sniff your face and rub their face against yours, additionally called hitting. They do this to leave their fragrance since they have aroma organs around their mouth, cheeks, and jawline.

Next time when your cat stares at you, this could be the reason!

As a rule, felines will wake their owners by continuously staring at their face, nipping or gnawing the nose, and pawing or manipulating them tenderly.

This generally occurs during midnight and early mornings when felines are dynamic and need to play or be cared for.  

If this constant thought, why does my cat stare at me while I’m sleeping, cross your mind, then we have all the solutions for you. 


Felines are awkwardly beautiful and playful creatures. They can sleep for 18 hours of their total 24 hour time of a whole day and still feel sleepy.

But sometimes they love to stare at you while you are asleep. As already mentioned above, various reasons contribute to their situation’s weirdness by making them stare at you in the middle of the night.

We hope all your queries on why does my cat stare at me while I sleep, addressed and answered adequately.

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