Why Does My Cat Try To Bury Her Food? Explained!

Why Does My Cat Try To Bury Her Food

Cat lovers find peace when they return home after a long day and see their feline friends running towards them to get cuddles they had been missing the whole day.

But, there are a bunch of specific moments when your furry friends do something weird that leaves you in utter incertitude. To be very real, cats are incomplete without the weirdness.

One of the bizarre but familiar sights for cats with food is that they bury their food. Well, it is not because they do not like the food but due to other reasons.

Why Does My Cat Try To Bury Her Food? Your cat is burying her food maybe because it’s their ancestor’s behavior, defending their territories, covering their presence from harmful predators or being hygienic.

Keep this in mind that cats are way too smart, and they know what they are up to. So, do not conclude before you get to be conscious of their real motive. So, without wasting much time, let us get into the primary concern.

Why Does My Cat Try To Bury Her Food?

In case you are seeing this for the very first time, you might easily conclude that your cat finds the food very disgusting, but this is not the case.

Would you believe if pawing and trying to bury food is actually a ritual for cats? Yes, it is true. They even do the same for the foods they love to eat.

Your cat might scratch, knead, or paw the floor in a digging gesture during, before, or after they are touching their food.

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Reason Behind Such an Uncommon Behavior

This is not at all an uncommon behavior. Cats trying to bury their food is unexpectedly an excellent sign. This is because they try to bury their food in places where they feel safe and very comfortable.

So, you can relax and be happy with the fact that they actually find your home very safe. This actually comes from their roots.

African wildcats do the same in the jungle where they are seen burying their remaining food after they are full.

They keep it safe underground for carrying-off their hunger later. However, this is not the only reason.

Other possible reason behind cats were trying to bury their food is that they just do not want to keep any proof of their presence in that particular area.

It is a similar cat logic when they are forced to bury their leftovers in the cat litter. Covering up the smell is very significant for felines. They do so for reasons like:

  • Defending their territories from any other attacking cats
  • Covering their presence from more massive and more harmful predators
  • Warning latent preys about their presence in that area

Scratching Around the Food Bowl: Is it Really Normal for My Cat?

This is also another prominent sight from domestic cats. It is widespread for almost any breed. Scratching around the food bowl can be for various reasons, such as the following.

Your cats try to hide the odor of their food: Cats can be domestic, but their genes carry the wild instincts from their ancestors. Cats want to hide the smell of their food because they want to protect it from any other predator.

Protecting kittens: They scratch their food just because they want to protect their young furry ones by hiding the smell of their existence.

Too much food: This is something we have already discussed earlier in this article. Cats scratch their food and bury them even if they love the dish just because the quantity they get served is quite excess than what she can eat at once. So, they hide the extra food to eat it later when they are hungry.

Keeping clean: Cats are very much concerned about their hygiene, and so they always keep themselves clean.

Don’t you see them licking themselves almost every time they are sitting idle? Similarly, they love to keep their own surroundings relatively clean. This is another reason why they paw and scratch their own food bowl.

Here’s Why Cats Try to Bury Their Water Bowl

Pawing, splashing, or even burying water dishes might seem very unusual to you for a cat which is not real.

Most cats do not love water apart from drinking, but they love water if it is not sprayed at them as they get very annoyed.

Also, they like themselves clean, and they might seem angry if you try to give them a nice bath and can cause trouble to get away from water.

What cats actually like about water the most is the reflection they see on its surface, and they also love it when they get to splash the water by themselves.

Remember that do not splash or spray water targeting them. If you find that your cat is splashing from their water bowls instead of drinking it, it can have the possibility that moving water is advantageous to the sort that sits in a dish for a very long time.

This is the time you will see them drinking from the tap or a fountain. Cats might often get into this very odd yet one of the most adorable manners, and you can just get them a recirculating water fountain.

There you have it, why your cat is trying to bury his or her water bowl.

Why Does My Cat Act Like He’s Covering His Food?

Cats cover their food in order to keep them safe from any other predator if there is any around them.

Also, they try to hide their food as they do not want to make any other stronger predator feel that they were there.

Protecting their babies also becomes a duty for them as parents, and so hiding food is a symbol of hiding the very existence of their kittens to keep them safer in any hidden spot.

How Can I Stop My Cat from Burying her Food?

Although this behavior is quite normal for the feline species but also this cannot be encouraged for a longer period as it can cause a lot of waste.

Do not take this as a significant concern or something much to worry about. However, you can go through the following and apply them in case they are showing such behaviors way too much.

Do Dot Serve Too Much Food

Always serve less so that they eat and are not left with extra cat food. Observe its eating habits and make a routine to provide your furry friends with proper quantity at the right intervals.

Distract Your Cat

Always try to distract them with some toys, tricks, or cuddles so that they stop doing things that are quite weird to your eyes.

Keep An Eye

Always keep an eye on them while they are eating because as soon as it completes its meal, immediately provide them with fresh drinking water in a clean bowl.

Try Puzzle Feeder

Puzzle feeder is a fantastic discovery for keeping cats active and healthy. Trying a puzzle feeder for your cat can be quite beneficial as it keeps them distracted and also let them hunt for food.


What does it mean when a cat tries to bury its food?

When your cat is trying to bury its food, it means it feels very comfortable at your place and so it wants to hide the food in the same position as they will quickly recognize the area later and take out the food to eat or feed to the young ones. This is weird but usual behavior for cats. So, never get anxious about it. Just try to distract them from doing so in case they are way too much at it.

Why does my cat try to bury her water?

Your cats may try to cover the water you gave them to drink as they might think of drinking it later on. Usually, they do the same both for their foods and water.

Wrapping Up

Cats are undoubtedly one of the most adorable creations of mother nature, but sometimes they can be really unusual for the way they might start behaving. But it all makes sense to them even if we can get utterly confused.

Hopefully, this article made things way more straightforward now and without getting much demented; you can find a solution if your feline friend is doing something out of the common.

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