Why Is My Cat So Small? Despite Feeding Properly?

Why Is My Cat So Small

Are you worried about your cat’s size? Even though your feline friend eats a lot of food, is active all-day, your cat seems small as compared to other cats? Are you worried that it’s normal?

Yes, you are looking at the right blog, we will answer your query with utmost importance and clarification. Just bear with us till the end to know some fun facts and possible reasons!

Cats are generally small creatures who weigh around 10-12 pounds maximum! According to animal experts, the average height of a cat is around 23-25cm in general.

Now, there are exceptions and variations. The length of a cat is generally 46-51cm. The length and height of cats vary from breed to breed.

There are various reasons for you to ask “why is my cat so small?”. When your cat’s height is not up to the mark even when it’s breed is of a larger body, it’s time you worry.

It’s natural to worry about your pet as a mother because your cat seems to not gain much weight even though you are feeding him well and healthy. Here we have brought you some help.

Scroll below and know more about the reasons that lead to a short height in cats.

Why is My Cat So Small?

There can be varied reasons for your cat to have a shorter growth which cannot be summed up in a sentence. Sometimes even if you feed them correctly, they might develop issues or can be short in height. There are various possible reasons for it.

Some of the most possible reasons are:

  • Genetic reasons
  • Worm infections
  • Undernutrition cat
  • Male cats are generally larger and bigger in size, etc.
  • Let’s learn all the reasons in detail.

Cat size Differs According to Gender

It is evident that male cars are generally larger in size than female cats. Hence, if you have two sexes at your home, it’s very natural for the first time cat owners to get confused and worried about the female cat because they are small in size.

But you see, you don’t need to worry, female cats are naturally smaller in size.

Genetic or Breed is a Very Important Factor

Some cat breeds are generally smaller than other cat breeds but as inexperienced cat owners sometimes you might get worried.

So, to help you get some relief, we have mentioned a few short height breeds of cats that you shouldn’t be worried about if they look smaller.

Devon Rex

A very friendly, social and loves to attract your attention every time you are busy. They generally weigh around 5 to 10 pounds with small ears, shorter legs, big and round cute eyes. Interest flies, they have very short and delightful whiskers.


One of the finest cat breeds in the world. The size of the cat is only half of the general size of cats. These cat breeds are only around 3-5 kinds in weight.

One of the best tree climbers, one of the cat breeds with the shortest hands and legs, love to cuddle, snuggle, loves to sleep wrapped around you!


This cat breed looks like an alien with no hair at all, large ears, short legs and curled ears. The two words Dwelf and Elf have been combined together to form the name ” Dwelf”.

They look somewhat familiar like the American curl, sphynx and a munchkin!


A very glossy coat with a striking eye that has bundles of cuteness overloaded in it. They are generally very much lightweight and have shorter legs.

The body structure is quite athletic because it is believed that they used to reside in the sacred temples of Thailand. In short, they are the literal incarnation of God!


The fluffiest, the cutest, the snowball type cat with really cute short legs and round big eyes. They are this cute because of gene issues in the munchkin breed. They have an amazing style of walking “heel-to-toe”!

They are so cute and adorable that you will automatically use up your whole day and just stare at them because even if they are grown up, they will behave like a kitten!

American Curl

The curled ears are one of the most interesting and best features that attracts cat admirers. They are very much family-friendly cats and have a playful nature like other cats.

One of the most interesting changes in these breeds is their ears, the ears are normal when they are born, but will start to curl up once they reach the 10th day and onwards. Other than this, the short legs, and the big eyes are never a miss!

Undernutrition cats

Not enough nutrition can be the reason for your cat’s shorter height. Shortage of certain elements in their food can be the reason for this.

Hence, you need to feed them the right amount of every element without even missing one.

Animal protein

Animal protein is the most essential element in your feline friend’s food. The carnivorous nature of cats should always be kept in mind and they should be fed to animals protein regularly.

Without proper animal protein, they will not be able to grow properly. So, if you are trying vegan on animals, please don’t!


Sometimes lack of carbohydrates is what makes them less energetic and they don’t play or stretch out which can be a reason for shorter heights.

Cats Need Fats (Omega 3, 6)

Cats need fats and there is no denying in that. Fish is the main source of their most needed fat. Omega 3 and 6 is very important for the cat’s growth and health.

If you don’t feed your cat a properly balanced diet, it will be shorter in height.

Sufficient Water

Water is very important for your furball’s growth. The very basic component of a working body and the most necessary one.

Well, it’s necessary to not force cats to drink water instead give them food that contains water. Cats generally don’t drink extra water because they use up the water from the food.

Water helps their body flush out toxins as it does in the human body.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals deficiency is also an important reason for your cat’s shorter height. To help your cats grow a stronger immune system, it’s important to feed them proper vitamins daily. Calcium, magnesium, iron, etc are very important for the growth of muscles, tissues and body parts in cats.


Cats do suffer from hyperthyroidism. In this particular situation, your cat will eat in a higher amount but you won’t be able to see any results. If this is the situation, then your cat might have hyperthyroidism or diabetes.

One of the first signs of diabetes or hyperthyroidism is increased appetite and no visible results of bodily growth or overgrowth.

Sometimes this disease comes with an indication like rapid weight loss and loss of appetite, excessive thirst and frequent urination.

The signs of diseases can be only one at the beginning like increased appetite or frequent urination but as a mother, it’s important that you keep track of your furball’s daily activities and if you notice any changes in them, visit the pet clinic immediately.

The Feeding Time Can Be a Cause

Sometimes irregularity in feeding time or frequency can lead to undernutrition in cats, that results in stunted growth.

If you have too many cats at home, there must be some of them who are dominated, maybe the shorter cat is always afraid of the dominant cats and is not able to eat their meals properly because bullies are always around.

To avoid this situation, you have to keep an eye on them during their feeding time. If this isn’t the case, look for their signs.

Worm infection inside the stomach

If you are worried about, ” why is my cat so small?”, then this is your answer. Shortened growth in animals is many times due to tapeworm, roundworm, hookworm infestation in the stomach of your pet.

If you notice a fuller belly all the time, it’s time you realize it’s not their growing health, it’s the growing infection of worms inside your baby. Some of the other signs of worm infection are:

  • Bloated stomach
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Repeated diarrhoea
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Worms coming from rectum
  • Traces of white worms in the potty

If these signs are visible in your pet, it’s clear your baby is surfing from worm infection in their large intestine and it’s high time to take them to the vet. Don’t worry, worms can be treated with proper medication and patience.


If you are worried about your munchkin (not the breed) you should consider all the following probable reasons that can cause a health issue in cats that leads to a shorter height and length.

The best way to identify any issues is to keep an eye on them and look for signs that seem unusual.

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