Why Is My Cat Thin At The Back End? Here Are The Possible Reasons!

Why Is My Cat Thin At The Back End

Cats do get thin sometimes and that can have numerous reasons which are worrying some to many of us and especially cat parents.

You might have significant queries all the time, “why is my cat thin at the back end?”. Let’s get into it quickly. 

So, Why is My Cat Thin At The Back End?

There are several reasons that contribute to the thinness of your cat. These are categories in breed, health & decease and lost of appetite

The Breed of Your Cat Could be the Reason

When you bring home an Oriental short hair you can’t expect them to be fat and fluffy, primarily.

They are sleek and that is natural. Look below to learn about cat breeds with a thin back end. 

1. Oriental short hair

These cats, oriental shortbreads are a crossbreed between a species from Thailand and either America or British shorthair. They usually weigh 5 kgs approximately. 

2. Russian blue 

Breeds like Russin Blue have a sleek back end with very unusual eyes. They are one of the most famous cat breeds because of their eye color. Either they have blue or dark green eye color. 

3. Peterbald

This particular need is hairless, thin with large ears. They weigh between 7 to 11 pounds. This cat breed is said to be a version of the sphinx. Peterbald is a Russian breed. 

4. Devon Rex 

They are originally from Europe and have a sleek figure with a long tail, hairless body and large ears, and thin long limbs. This breed weighs between 3-5 kgs. 

Health Issues Could Be Another Reason Behind Your Query

Cat Illness

Like we mentioned above some breeds do have slender structure and it’s normal for them to be thin at the back end, now we will know a few reasons related to health.

Now talking about health issues, cats do suffer from a few health problems. Narrowing down the problem under 3 broad headings : 

1. Illness or Disease

Your cat may exhibit normal eating patterns but a bit thin then your cat might have some underlying disease. They are as follows : 

Diabetes – Diabetes is a disease that results from the body’s inability to produce insulin which balances the glucose level.

Hyperthyroidism – Hyperthyroidism is caused by a tumor called d benign tumor in the thyroid glands resulting in raised thyroid hormones in the body.

Cancer – Certain types of cancers are common among cats. Soft tissue sarcoma and lymphoma are types of blood cancer common in cats.

Feline infectious peritonitis – This disease is caused by a coronavirus that directly attacks the intestinal walls and it is a viral disease.

Gastrointestinal tract and digestive disease – The presence of parasites and work come under this category and is one of the prominent causes for your cat being thin.

This disease curtails the digestion and absorption of food and eventually modifies the passage of the digestive system.

This gastrointestinal disorder has several types such as colitis, pancreatitis, and irritable bowel movement.

These are some of the prominent or mostly found diseases in cats. If you were searching for answers to ” why is my cat thin at the back end?”, this could be it. 

2. Loss of Appetite 

Loss of appetite or anorexic behavior can be an alarming situation for cats. Loss of appetite means there is no minimum interest for food and it is often characterized by a change in food habits.

There can be several reasons for this and they are as follows : 

  • Not feeling well 
  • Dental issues 
  • Not like the food (flavor or texture)
  • Some foreign objects in the airways or intake of something unwanted

Yes! These can be some of the potential causes for your cat refusing food.

This could be the possible answer to your query, “why is my cat thin at the back end?”. 

3. Stress, Depression or Anxiety 

Cats are sensitive beings! It is acknowledged by scientists that they feel love and other emotions too.

So pet cats may lose weight due to reasons such as psychological depression, stress, and anxiety.

They might be depressed due to some obvious reasons like the unfamiliar environment, death of companion animals, or family members.

Some of the usual causes of stress in cats are : 

  1. Dirty litter box 
  2. The noisy or chaotic environment 
  3. Being in an unfamiliar environment 
  4. Inadequate space due to the presence of other pets in the house

These were some of the possible mental health issues related to pet cats in the house.

Why Your Cat is Refusing to Eat? 

Cat refusing to eat

Loss of appetite can be a very important reason for slender cats. If your cat is refusing any food or water, they lose weight drastically.

If your furball is refusing to eat, she/he might be having some health issues: 

1. The food is not suitable

It might not like the flavor or the texture or the shape. In this case, you can change their food to make them eat. 

2. They might have gulped anything strange

Any objects in their system will make them ill and refuse food or water. If changing the food doesn’t help take them to the vet immediately.

If they have gulped anything, they will start behaving strangely. Identify the issue and take them to the vet. 

3. If she/he is not feeling well, they will refuse to eat anything. 

If your baby has hurt its teeth, they will refuse to eat. You have to check everything to confirm what the reason is.

If you can’t recognize it, take her/him to the vet. 

What Can You Do, As a Parent if Your Cat is Thin at The Back End? 

If the reason is not the breed, then your furball is facing the other issues either some health issues like diabetes or they are experiencing loss of appetite.

Some of the tricks that can make your baby gain weight to recover from a slender back end. 

1. Change Food 

If your cat is refusing to eat due to the constant eating of the same food over time, it should be your duty to change the food.

If you are feeding canned food, change the canned food. If you are feeding them wet or damp food, then change it to dry food.

Sometimes they are fed up with the constant flour or texture of the food, then like humans, they too need some variations. 

2. Avoid Dehydration 

If your cat is becoming slim, help them eat or drink. If they have stopped eating, they need water to keep themselves hydrated.

Keep water beside his/her food. 

Summing Up!

The actual reason can be vary depending on several conditions. It could be the breed of your cat, health issues, and refusal of eating food.

You can not force your cat to eat much just because she/he looking thin at the back end.

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